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For the next couple of weeks (months?) the 365 days project will be dead. I just can't be bothered to take pictures and then put them here. They might as well sit on my camera, that's what huge memory cards are for. One a month perhaps I'll transfer them on my computer, they will sit there for a very, very long time, that's what large hard drives are for. Eventually I will be bored and I will have nothing better to do than go through the pictures.

Truth is, most likely the project is dead. Maybe one day I'll retry it but I'll have to make it way more fun because after the 30th day, when you're pretty much doing sleep/work/go out every day, you don't know what to take pictures of anymore!

Like Bernard Black would say, I'm a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. It's amazing I'm here at all. The part about me being from a line of quitter is not true though, my family are quite good at achieving everything... I just think that it's not interesting to do the same thing 365 days in a row. And uploading/resizing pictures is also a pain in the ass.
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Finns eat the most ice cream in the world (per capita), now I know why. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.
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Tried out my new bike over a long distance today. I love how beautiful everything looks at 7am!
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What's left of Vappu... can't wait til next year!
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Vappu celebrations continue in the parc. It was one of the best days ever!
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Vappu celebrations start on the 30th when a student cap is put on Manta. This year there was a huge crowd but the show was rubbish.
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Lots of flowers. Lots of people on the bus with flowers. Spring is here.
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The only thing that reminds us that it used to be winter around here.
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Forget Velodrome, my new local team is in the first league and plays in a 6000 seat stadium. Oh, and they won their first match of the season.
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After two months I think my housemates got tired of my walking to the kitchen at 11pm to pick up my mail... they moved the boxes right next to my door :p
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As mentioned in my post from Saturday morning, these grapes were annoying because they gave me a bad tummy ache. Not fun. At all.
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What would a Finn do? He or she would not leave their trash in the middle of the residence hall! As can be read in this note, no one was amused.
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You're right, mum, they're nice shoes but they are really not that comfortable.
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As can be seen by the colour of the books, I do judge most books by their covers.
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That's not a tree in the right hand corner, that's my hair... or a freakish thing.
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Blueprints, blueprints and so more blueprints! Woohoo!
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French tartelettes... only I can't read what it's them because they covered it up with Finnish stuff. But they didn't cover up the Chinese version, why? Why do the Chinese get to know what's inside and not me?
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Obviously my camera sucks at taking pictures of churches at 11pm.
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My new BFF!
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My orange octopus is always with me now!

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