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You know you've lived in Finland too long when... you don't start giggling when you see "megapussi" written on a crisps bag. Or "expresspussi" for that matter. For me "pussi" is a bag, it's not related in any way, shape or form to the English "pussy".

Actually when I saw people laughing at "jussipussi" I couldn't even get what was funny because I didn't read it as "juicy pussy", I read it with the "j" not being the way j's are pronounced in English.

So yeah, I think I've officially been here too long :D
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I'm using this picture, maybe I've used it before but it really fits today's topic.

I had a dream last night and I would say it was more of a lucid dream because I wasn't really asleep, I was aware of what was going on around the house. In any case, yesterday was not the best day for me, I was tired and very grouchy and it made me realise that actually I was much happier on raw food, maybe I should go back to that.

So my dream: I was at one of those japanese/chinese shops where you can get all the cool food, it had two levels, I was on the bottom level (underground) talking to the owner, telling him how cool everything was. A man came up to the owner and started telling him how his shop sucks because an item was not there. I started defending the owner saying that it's not true and the shop rocked and that if they did not have the exact brand of rice the guy wanted, why not take another brand. The guy got upset with me and told me to shut up which I did not do. He then started telling me that he will get his revenge on me, which I laughed off. The owner got really scared for me though and told me to stay on the top level and that he'll ask his staff to make sure that I was ok. So I stayed on the top level talking with the cashier about this and that, always looking out the windows just to make sure that nothing bad would come. Then I heard a shot being fired and we all laid on the ground. I looked up and saw that the person who fired was in the shop and was actually one of the security people from the shop. He then came up to me as I lay on the ground and he just shot me in two or three places. I remember being quite surprised that it did not hurt and there was no gushing blood. And that's it.

I don't really know what it means and if it means anything. I usually don't remember my dreams at all, so this is quite new. So, anyone got any ideas?

In other news, the Helsinki library system failed me for the first time over the week-end. I saw that they had a book on L'viv, two copies of it actually and I proceeded to request one copy to be delivered to the library closest to Otamieni. Today I checked on the status of the book because it should have been on hold at the library already, waiting for me. Well, to my biggest surprise, both copies of the book have gone missing. This is quite upsetting as I can't find the same book on amazon or play.com. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make do with the info online and in the two books on Ukraine I already checked out.

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I just came back from Marseille and to be honest, I'm kind of ready to give up on Finland. I've said it before, I'll say it again but I have this feeling that I've gone through all the great things here and my honeymoon with this country is over. Sure, there are things here which are amazing, the library system for one, but there are other things which I cannot stand, the cold for one. I'll stay here for another couple of years by duty but this is not the country I want to stay in forever.

I think I will never be able to find a place where I can really say that I want to live forever. Oh well, thank goodness planes exist.

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Muumi likes going on cruises to Stockholm and getting drunk. He's a naughty boy.

In other news, I rewatched part of Avalon the other day, it's still by far my favourite film of all time. Oshii outdid himself on that one. I still like to think that I now do understand the final scene/screen ("Welcome to Avalon").

I need to rewatch Cube, that's probably my second favourite film although most things are blurry here.

I also got extra icons because I paid one more year here, I think I'll bring my old Ghost icons back.
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We seem some light even late during the day. Hey, 6:30pm is late for some people!
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Alright, it might seem like I have a thing against Finland these days and trust me, I don't. I still highly enjoy living here, it's just easier to rant than to praise.

I'm fucking tired of the snow. We were so close to not having any anymore and then it snowed a bit yesterday and overnight. It is fun? Nope. We're at the stage in the weather where it's warm during the day, warm enough to have some snow melt and then it's -10C or colder during the night so of course everything freezes. It's so much fun walking on that. Really fun.

So I went back in journal a bit to 2008:
- on the 20th of March we had clear skies, can't see snow on the ground.
- it snowed on the 23rd - a lot it seems
- on the 26th one had to wade through snow
- on the 30th I ran on soggy ground/half melted snow
- it was 9C on the 31st!
- on the 4th of April, the snow had mostly gone
- 7th of April - rain, not fun.
- it rained and snowed on the 9th

And this is where I end this review. They're predicting more snow for today and tomorrow and some for the end of the week and warmer temperatures for then too. Make it be the 9th of April already so that I can enjoy some good old southern sun!
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So when you think about Finland, what do you imagine? Santa maybe. Walking on ice. People drinking and being sulky. F1 drivers. Saunas every single day.

I'll tell you what Finland is all about. Finland is about sausages and Lapin Kulta beer. Sometimes Koff or Karhu. But Lapin Kulta, or deer piss, is the real thing. It's really not far from being deer piss, not far at all. Sausages aka makkara are important too. You can have normal sausages or sausages with cheese inside or with tomato/moza or other things. On top you put sinappi aka mustard. Mustard which is really sweet and the hottest one is about as strong as moutarde de Dijon for babies. And of course, one cannot buy Turun sinappi because it's no longer made in Turku but rather in Poland (used to be in Sweden but moved again last year). Now you have to buy Auran sinappi, that's still made in Finland.

When you go on a trip somewhere abroad, you must bring sausages and proper beer with you, just in case they have weird food in the place where you're going.

Now if you'll excuse me, Easter is fast approaching and it's time to dig into Mämmi. Yes, it's shaped like a brick. Yes, you'll want to put tons of stuff on top to make it have real taste. Yes, some foreigners are always close to the toilet while eating mämmi. But it's part of these Finnish traditions that make life worth it, like Vappu and awkward social conversations. Or puking while not breaking your stride. One has to see it happen in front of them to really believe it.
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  • 09:02 Random fact about me #1: I have never smelled rotten eggs, I just know the smell because I know what sulfur smells like. #
  • 10:14 Effing hell! Just checked out the temperatures in Helsinki for the next days. -10C and less! Brrrr... maybe I should stay here. #
  • 10:18 @justanothergirl Giles is in it a tad longer but yeah, Gwen was there just for one ep if I recall well. #
  • 11:05 The internets you fail me now? Why? #
  • 11:17 @ermlabrat If I recall my German classes well, there are still words which have the esszet. It's all about the preceding vowel. #
  • 11:19 I want to go back to sleep, I've been feeling tired for the past couple of days and that's not good. #
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After Vappu and Manda's crowning and the funky overalls, I went to see another Finnish student tradition: the Independence Day walk/parade.

Gali + taking night pictures = not bff.

more dark Independence Day here )

It was really nice to see all the students respecting the tradition, no drinking, no kidding around, all the Finnish students nicely dressed. Very lovely evening.
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Guess who had about half a mm of snow this morning? That's right, us! It's now melting but I took a picture of the yard/parking lot just to remember that today is the day that it snowed. I do hope it snows more because right now all it's going to do is kind of melt and then refreeze and it's gonning to be one hell of an adventure to walk outside.

idmme 2008

Oct. 6th, 2008 07:39 pm
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So I'm going to Beijing tomorrow. Got the visa, got the list of last minute stuff to buy (baby wipes, stuff against stomach aches, etc.). And now I've caught some nasty stomach bug. Oh joy. Hope that goes away before tomorrow night because plane + stomach bug = not fun.

Anyway. Let's focus on the important stuff. My first international conference as a PhD student and I only started at the start of September, officially that is. How freaken awesome is my supervisor? Seriously.

Anyway #2. Still totally in love with BBC's Merlin. The guy playing Arthur is absolutely hot.
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It's amazing the lack of sun here. You can only tell that it's day because it's not pitch black, just kind of blank. Even the street lamps are still on and it's 11am!

I've concluded that from now on I won't even try to bike to work every day, there is just no point and it's been two days in a row that we get this drizzle that's really annoying. Plus with an unlimited bus card I can go have some retail therapy whenever I want. Well, not really retail therapy since I don't actually buy anything, I would have to throw stuff out to have more space for more stuff. And maybe I'm just lazy. In the spring I'll get on my bike every day again but for now, the bus it is for me!
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Well, yesterday marked 6 months that I've been in Finland and I'm not quite ready to leave yet. No, that's not exactly true. I'm not ready to go back to France, I could move to another country of my choice easily but I know that if I were to move back to France and get a job there and start a new life there, I would get major depression.

So yes, I'm still here for a bit. If only because they have awesome libraries and that makes my inner library geek happy.

Yes, it does feel like six months, I could even say that it feels longer than six months for some reason. Perhaps because I've done much more here than ever before in a six month period.
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I'm at the library this afternoon because I just can't stand being in a closed environment (read: work) and I can only work at home from around 8pm (read: otherwise I just do nothing). So I'm at the Tapiola library. Nice shiny internets here and lovely air conditioning sounds... or rather heater sounds given the weather we've had lately.

The good part is that I got some major work done this past week, a whole article translated from French to English. I didn't think it was going to be easy but I did not expect it to this so hard. The article was interesting but the author had such a random writing style, he loved run on sentences. Plus it wasn't from my field but I still managed to get most of the vocabulary questions right... but it showed my main problem, I don't have a "native" language into which it is easier to translate. I think for me it's hard to translate from French to English and from English to French and let's not even talk about translating into Ukrainian, that would be a massive fail.

Now I only have to finish off my "what I've done these past 6 months" thesis and start off my PhD thesis and that's it. I think given the amount of reading and cogiting I've done in the past month or so, I could totally finish of my PhD by October... too bad that I haven't even officially started yet. A more complete entry on my fucked up state of mind on this whole "3+ more years of research" coming up one day because it's really fucking up my life. Seriously. I was watching this film the other day, terrible film, but at one point they mentionned that the main character's mum got into severe depression while on her PhD and you know what, the more I look up stuff and try to create things, the more I realise there is so much more to learn and analyse and it's slowly but surely starting to make me mad. I'm pretty sure that I'll be glad when it's all over but I can feel that once I'll have that PhD I won't be able to go back to a regular job, how can one do that? So yes, so much more to say about that and so much more to see.


Aug. 31st, 2008 10:47 am
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I've now been about three full days at the new flat, we still don't have internet there so for a while I won't be on as much I used to. We'll see how that goes but I mean, I'm not an addict, right? I can actually survive a week without IRCing at night... Full nights of sleep! Hooray!
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Yesterday it rained the whole day even though the FMI said it was going to be sunny. As the summer is almost over, seeing the sun is getting quite something... I had to wait till around 2pm to see something that looked like it.
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I don't know if anyone cares but here are some pictures of my new flat that I share with Krista and Sarah. It's not that furnished yet, let's say my part is rather furnished *g* but the others aren't that much.

08.08.22 - New flat in Hki

If that link doesn't work, it's also here.

I'm now using PicasaWeb because it's way too much trouble to upload to LJ or somewhere else. Oh well.
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You know they say that when you move to Finland you become lactose intolerant? It's true for me. I fucking had two slices of cheese at lunch and for the god of me, my stomach is being annoying now... It's not the bad kind of horrible intolerance but it's still annoying having one's stomach always gurgling and feeling bloated for a couple of hours.
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Perhaps being an adults is just about being able to drop by that store which has good candy and have candy for lunch.

One more thing Finland has taught me: the joy of going bare foot. Sadly, I enjoy it so much that I even take off my shoes while at my desk at uni and if it's a close walk, I don't put my shoes on. Also, I just feel the need to take off my shoes when sitting down on grass to enjoy the sun.
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Well, I haven't updated in ages... really in ages. So here is what I was up to Friday and Saturday: camping fun! It was really fun and it made me realise just how much I missed the whole adventure thing. We were in the Nuuksio national park and we camped on an island! I'll upload some pictures from there later on but here are some that have been uploaded by others.

Of course this is me just "helping out" by pretty much saying "yeah, that kind of looks right" :p

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