August 5

Sep. 3rd, 2014 09:00 am
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I'm sure there is a joke to be made here by a person with a 12 year old's mind. Something about cocks and hands. But I am not 12 years old. And those were the only band aids available at the local shop and it was the best thing ever. Clearly I am more like a 4 year old.

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Joss, why did you have to kill of Wash? (Or is that still considered a spoiler even if the film came out years ago?) Who's going to do completely accurate reenactments of the pre-history now?

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Have yourself a fluffy adorable Maximilien Georges to end the week!

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Little bunny was found in a box full of old stuff and had to be washed. Muumi volunteered to sit with him so he wasn't too scared and cold in the great outdoors.

Yes, the youngest person in this household is 28. As the Doctor said...
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To piggyback on the whole "11th birthday" thing, let me remind you that 11 years is a bit more than a third of my life (which is apparently still 27 years long because I am one lazy panda and I have yet to change that in the description at the top of my layout)... and that's kind of scary. Heck, that doesn't have to mean anything though. I mean, look at this trip to Spain - it started out last minute because of grown up things (I will update on that when I get an update myself) but Elmo and Tchorny were there with me, as always. As the Doctor said, what's the point of being a grown up if you can't be childish from time to time?

And I lost my train of thought... so have Elmo and Tchorny enjoying their first trip abroad of 2014.

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If you do not believe that eating stuff with a fork shaped like a bird will make everything taste 1209381208310 times better, we are not buddies. Even if said fork shaped like a bird is actually quite weird to hold and try to get food onto. It is still a freaken fork shaped like a bird and therefore superior 99.9% of all other forks.
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I guess here is some everyday life. For the sake of archiving, let me tell you that last Thursday, not even four months into my gap-year-at-27, I went to look at some job offers but decided that applying could wait and then I dug out my CV and updated it… and then I realised that no one will ever give a damn about the fact that the typesetting is perfect and that it's a clear result of TeX (well, XeTeX). At least I have the inner satisfaction that I didn't have to wrestle with Word to try and get a pretty table on there!

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I pity the fool who considers him/herself too old for cutely shaped pancakes.

August 11

Aug. 15th, 2013 08:00 am
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Sad but true, I had to bribe myself with a smoothie to get out of the house and go buy food on Sunday after that ride to Porvoo.

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Fun times, fun times today! First a bit of a early bike ride to keep on working on those cycling kit tan lines, then a few hours in Linnanmäki with [ profile] bad_habit, and then working on not getting a sunburn by the sea.

In Linnanmäki they have the equivalent of those tourist trains and what's life without acting-like-a-tourist opportunities?

+3 - familiar giants )

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(the bottom tweet comes first)

And that, ladies and gents, is the sign that I am the coolest 27 year old you know. Don’t try to argue, you know it’s true!

On a more serious note, my miniature mid-life crisis is still going strong. I do not know what I want to do, so right now my plan for June is just to catch up on years of photo post-processing, go out and take more photos on film (and get some films developed!), go for runs, go cycling that does not involve commuting, read, possibly look into job offers, try not to have any last minute trips/adventures. The start of July will involve the Tour de France and family TdF stage watching, which I am perhaps a bit too excited about… then I guess we'll see.

Still, at this point in my life I think I have done nothing that my younger self expected me to do and it's only made me happier and made my life that much better.

And that was all brought to you by my zombie state due to four hours of sleep because I woke in the middle of the night and just could not fall asleep again.
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Oh look! An entry that was not written a week ago and put in the scheduled entries list! So yes, this is actually recent news!

Just when I stopped feeling slightly guilty about still refusing to accept the fact that one day I will have to grow up… I received a funky invitation card to attend this semester's graduation ceremony. Because things like that happen here and everything is very official.

… so now I have a nice diploma thing with a bright shiny seal that says that I'm a full on Doctor of Science (Tech.)

Interestingly enough, as I did not attend my graduation ceremony for my diplôme d'ingénieur and there is no graduation ceremony for lycée/prépa, this is the first graduation ceremony related to a part of my education that I've been to since my middle school graduation.

And, oh well, being the person I am, I refuse to live in a reality where I have to start acting like an "adult" 27 year old and thus I have yet to come up with plans for anything beyond mid-May.

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Yesterday I had a hot date for my ferris wheel ride. Bones were also involved in the first part of my day.

Oh, and I scored some really funky stationary… because I always tell myself that I will write people letters. But there were sets with evil Hello Kitty and Nightmare Before Christmas and messed up French phrases, of course I had to get them!
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Woohoo! Some unpaid leave time and that means I've started this Monday acting like a totally proper adult.

I did some laundry.

At the same time I hung out on Tumblr, half-arsedly painted my nails (on one hand) while listening unashamedly to One Direction, read some very grown up literature…

… after finishing other very grown up literature last night known as the VDM illustrated book (VDM = French version of FML) and a book on "otaku" terms. Hell yeah. The otaku book is what I consider preparation for Osaka. There are two kinds of peeps out there - the ones who actually read up useful touristy information and then there are peeps like me. But hey, now I know that there was a "Captain Harlock controversy" with the US dubs/editions, which largely contributed to the whole saga not to be known in anglophone countries.

Filling out forms and sending off applications for jobs and post-doc positions can wait for a bit.
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For those who have missed it, my thesis defense went quite well on Monday and now I am just waiting for the final word from the Doctoral Programme Committee. Because here there is enough bureaucracy to make Asterix and his "mason des fous" seem like a joke. For real, there is a page on the intranet dedicated to the forms that doctoral students must fill in… and there is absolutely no logic because they're form PDFs (the kind that can't be saved, only printed) that I have to fill in and print and send over as a paper to the person in charge who then has to extract the info from the paper and enter it manually in the system. Why can't they just make me fill in a form online that's then just validated? Old system legacy and all that… I know, I know. It's still quite bothersome.

And speaking of crazy stuff, I've reached the stage where one of the things that amuse me the most is creating a social media inception… Twitter inside Tumblr inside LiveJournal!

I should post this on a WordPress somewhere and then on FB and possibly find someone who still has a MySpace account and have them post a screen cap there.

I'm still not officially a doctor so I can get away with stuff like this.

Not that I won't be able to do so later on… but you know, I have to pretend like I will.
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Hey, did you know that I started about one of those 365 Days projects on January 1st and so far have not missed a single day but all the photos are still on the memory cards inside my cameras? I'm going to have so much catching up to do one of these days…

… but I'm taking a break from "serious" online blogging stuff for a bit for more fangirly/less serious stuff because it gives me a break from normal life.

By "serious" blogging I mean "LiveJournal" because this place has grown up with me in the last 10 years. 10 years. That's the longest thing I've ever kept up. 10 freaken years have been documented here. I actually missed my LJ's birthday, it was on the 16th of January. Over 5500 entries.

Right. And by "fangirly/less serious stuff" I mean "you'll find me on my main tumblr and on my side-tumblrs, which are rather scary places that probably do not reflect at all that I am an adult." It's ok though, it all gives me breaks in adult life.

Speaking of adult life, for those who did not know it, I am defending my PhD thesis next Monday. Obviously if you're in the Helsinki area, please feel free to drop by at noon.

To celebrate all that, let's have some mini!Gali.

The fact that I used to have much lighter hair naturally reminds me I have to get those roots taken care of sooner than later.

But hey, small steps at a time. It took me just two trips to the local Alepa to remember that I was almost out of toilet paper. Small steps.

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So… you know how it's often the little things in life that matter? This morning I had a box of fancy chocolates that my mum got me that represent one of those little things.

Wait. Did that sentence make sense? What I meant was that I'm having one of those pre-flu days where everything hurts like I just spent all of yesterday on a crew boat and my head is all mushy and… you know how it goes. And anyway, my mum got me those fancy chocolates over Christmas break and I opened the box this morning and acted like a perfectly reasonable adult and had fancy chocolates for breakfast and that made things a lot better. I also debated having a foie gras omelette but decided that could be dinner if I still felt like shit then.

On the bright side, my thesis is an official book, printed in about 80 copies on its first (and probably only) run. Sneak peek of the amazing 200 page fuchsia doorstop…

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My dad is in town for a couple of days and it seems the weather has decided to really show him what autumn in Helsinki is all about! He did get a glimpse of the sun on Monday afternoon but yesterday was just a perfect example of what I like to call one of the usual "the only reason you know it's day is because it's grey outside instead of pitch black" day... and this is why, ladies and gents, reflectors are a must around here. We even had that annoying little drizzle and that constant wind. And the 3:30pm night-time. I think soon he'll understand the local "omg it's sunny out there, must go outside now" attitude the moment the next ray of sunshine will appear. Next week. Hopefully.

It's rather unusually warm though, maybe next week we can go down closer to zero!

(side note: having one of them fancy retina displays is nice but let me tell you that screen grabs are a pain in the butt to work with! A 13" screen gives you a 2560x1600px screen grab and then you have to resize it and the resized version looks like shit. And then you're just accept it, go "meh, whatevs" and post it anyway.)

But moving on! Guess who now has fancy cheese and an advent calendar and squirrel food (the dates are mostly gone now, btw)?

Straight from Marseille, be jealous!

I just asked my mum for a large cube of good old fashioned savon de Marseille and she sent me all of this and some other stuff that didn't make it into the picture (namely fancy cacao powder, I didn't want to risk getting some on the floor though). My dad's luggage was cutting it very close to 23kg in the end! But hey, it was Christmas before Christmas for me, happiest 27 year old kid in the world right here!

Thanks mum and dad!
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It's ridiculous how seriously I take this whole ageing thing.

No really, I am the most responsible and well adjusted 27 year old out there today.

(post written beforehand and scheduled to be posted before 6am on my birthday because even as a 26 year old I already know that I will make one kickass grown up 27 year old)
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Hey ma! Look I have my own garden! It started as this:

And then about three days later I have this:

In the end I decided not to eat everything right from the little box like I was raised in a barn. I feel I should pat myself on the back for that...

Alas the rest of the stuff was not home grown.

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