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It's that time again, January 16th - my little LJ's birthday. Happy 11th birthday, LJ! If you were a human you'd be almost done with middle school.

It just so happened that I recently visited the Reina Sofia museum's exhibit called "Bibliographical forms" that looks a bit on the whole idea of how a person represents themselves for others to see and tries to somehow write their autobiography, which turns into a mythical biography. It made me think a bit about what I actually write on here and why... I'd love to say that it's for myself but that's not really true. Since my posts are public, I do tend to create this mythical story about things happening in my life and there is a bit of lying going on, especially by omission.

[Smena Symbol - Kodak Gold 400]
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So this will be the last entry of 2013 and I guess it's time for resolutions and looking back at 2013 and all of that. But that's not happening right now.

[Smena Symbol - Kodak Gold 400]
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I still have three films that were taken anywhere between two years ago and the start of this year; they were all scanned back in early 2013, I transferred the files on my hard drive back in July... and here are some now.

This is from the Smena Symbol and it shows, once again, that no matter what's thrown at that camera, the photos will come out pretty well. Given the tint of the film and the grain I'd say this was from my Kodak Gold 400 stock, but I could be wrong. I really need to start writing these things down! And given the light and location I'd say this is from February/March 2012.

+2 - walk to the beach )
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Remember that time last year when I had a cast on my arm and I went to Tokyo and randomly bought a new member for my little Olympus family? I finally (it only took me a year to finish the roll) got the film developed and there are actually very few photos that came out, I definitely must use a lower ISO for this camera. Still, this one came out - me, the Olympus EE-2 and my cast in Tokyo.

[Olympus EE-2 // Vista 400]
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[clearing out uploaded photos that were never posted]

… after the outtakes, here is the one shot from that film that surprised me. It shouldn't have come out as well as it has. It's pure luck that I got this shot right because getting everything just right to have such definition with film, dark conditions and fast movement… that's an almost once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing for me.

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)

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[clearing out uploaded photos that were never posted]

I guess this is the "outtakes" post that's needed for every roll out there…

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)
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[clearing out uploaded photos that were never posted]

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)
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[clearing out uploaded photos that were never posted]

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)
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[clearing out uploaded photos that were never posted]

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)
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Yep yep yep

Feb. 8th, 2013 07:06 am
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Let's take a break in our very structured internal freak-out to wish a happy birthday to my mum, who turns 5 39 years young today.

Happy birthday, Mum!

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)

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True story - yesterday morning I was getting about putting in my contact lenses when I felt like I couldn't see well. It felt like there was no contact lens in my right eye and I figured that the contact must have never made it to my eye and fallen somewhere. I spent ages looking for it… and eventually I just opened a new one and put it in. Guess what happened? It felt like I had gotten super duper vision. Why? Because I had two lenses in my right eye. Go me. I took the second one out and when I checked I could see clearly with my right eye with the lens that was already in.

I guess my brain short-circuited for a moment there.

It's like that time I spent ages looking for my keys when I had just put them in my pocket. Or that time I couldn't find my cycling gloves because they were already in my hand.

I guess some mornings are easier than others.

Oh well. Chinon time from last year!

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)

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Did you know that today we have 7h15mins of daylight as per the official weather page? Only a few more months and we'll be back to 22 hours of daylight. Booyeah.

(this was the continuation of my very exciting-non-exciting adventures of every day life)

Time travel… time! Back to late 2011/early 2012 and an old film roll!

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)

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Holga, holga, holga, holga! Holga!

Speaking of the Holga lenses, as they're based on one primary lens that's pretty much a pinhole lens, low-light photos come out shitty, even without a secondary wideandle or fisheye lens. As you can imagine, grey days and those lenses are not buddies right now.

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Now that I signed up for e-bills (thank you, NetPosti for being awesome!) I rarely get mail but today I received what can only be described as really amazingly awesomecakes mail. I was so excited when I recognised my dad's writing on the envelope that I didn't even take off my cycling gear before opening it. Thank you, mum and dad!

Birthday presents that come early are always lovely! And especially when they include socks (old world rule: after the age of 20, getting socks never gets old because at one point or another you will always need new socks) and old film that expired in 1993 and is equivalent iso 40. This is actual film my dad got back in the day and he used to shoot and everything, I mean how much more exciting than this can you get?

I have never shot anything under 100, this will be interesting. I tell myself that the cameras I have here (Olympus PEN EE-2 and Smena Symbol) were made for films like this one, today's 400/800 films are abnormal for them! There are still about 15 shots left on the EE-2 and maybe 10 or 15 on the Smena and then the testing can begin.

I didn't know the brand, "Svema", but wiki tells me that it was a huge soviet film manufacturer based in Ukraine. The plant shut down completely in 2006. All good things must come to an end.

They even tell you how long you should develop for and what chemical solution to use. I wonder how the guys at FotoYks would react if I came over and told them that the developing time for this one is 5 minutes and use chemical mixture 798. Most of them are lovely though, usually when I bring film with half-shots they're pretty cool about not using the equaliser on the scans (there is even one who will scan eat half-shot as if it were a full shot, so 72 instead of 36, double work, etc. - really awesome dude).

Inside, the roll is just wrapped in black paper without a can, so I didn't open the paper just in case it would somehow contribute to exposure or something.

The really weird part is that socks were on my mind during my ride home. I cycled to work wearing socks, after my shower I changed into tights and I thought I had put my socks with the rest of my cycling gear like always... except mystery of mysteries, I couldn't find my socks this evening. I have no clue where they went! So I cycled home without socks and it was kind of chilly.

(the four photos in more HQ versions over at jux)
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You know I might have issues with putting off doing some things when I have yet to post a film that was taken some time in 2011 and developed in February 2012. I can't even remember if it was 200 iso or just 100. Let's not even talk about the brand or anything of the sort. It was shot with the Chinon... I guess that's already something!

Let's start off with the creepy papier maché piggies and everyday life things.

(Chinon CX. ??? brand. 100 or 200 iso.)

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My favourite photo from that first Holga-lens outing. There is just something rather eerie about it.

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