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Aug. 11th, 2008 10:56 pm
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Dear Olympics,

I'm pissed right now. Not because Nicolas Touzaint was out before he even started (Galan got hurt and of course you can't have a replacement horse there... poor thing, I hope he gets better soon but Nicolas still has two or three horses for other competitions that will come up after the Olympics). Not that. Although my second Nicolas Touzaint icon fits the situation nicely.

I can't watch the Olympics because I don't have time. I get up in the morning and work, lunch, work, either get home to change or head straight somewhere to do something, come back and it's half past 10pm and it's time to talk online for like half an hour and then to sleep. No time for Olympics watching at all. Damn social life, damn work, damn online social life.

And of course, let's not forget that I'm in the process to moving across town.

No love, ok, so maybe just a bit if I ever get a chance to catch up,
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You know they say that when you move to Finland you become lactose intolerant? It's true for me. I fucking had two slices of cheese at lunch and for the god of me, my stomach is being annoying now... It's not the bad kind of horrible intolerance but it's still annoying having one's stomach always gurgling and feeling bloated for a couple of hours.
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Perhaps being an adults is just about being able to drop by that store which has good candy and have candy for lunch.

One more thing Finland has taught me: the joy of going bare foot. Sadly, I enjoy it so much that I even take off my shoes while at my desk at uni and if it's a close walk, I don't put my shoes on. Also, I just feel the need to take off my shoes when sitting down on grass to enjoy the sun.
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You know how there are bitchy people you can stand and bitchy people that are just plain old bitchy? I think I've met a person who's just plain old bitchy because it's the only way she can feel important.

Swear to god, today is really not my day and I didn't need her to come into it today.
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First off, my mother is made of awesome on some days. My sister is coming here in two weeks and I asked her to take a coat of mine with her so that I don't have to worry about it in September. Not only did Mum give her the coat but also my poncho and scarves. And we all know it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

Second note, how about some itsy bitsy duckies saved by some awesome people? You can see them here.
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Young rider classification

1 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Team Columbia 19.33.20

Why didn't anyone tell me this? I missed it completely! I have to rewatch the end of the stage now to see him getting his little trophy, yay!

But I really don't mind having missed it, had fun playing disc golf (I suck at it) and having good food in great company, what more could someone want?
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11 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Team Columbia


And that's just for today's TT. Overall he's 8th!

On a completely different note, this new ready made green tea that has started popping up in most stores is rather good. Must buy at least two liters next time. Fucking hell I'm getting lazy, a couple of years ago I would have bought the lemons and green tea and ice cubes to chill it, now I just buy the tetra pack and put it in the fridge!

But I quite like being lazy on days like today.
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I got a haircut today, I'm not sure if I like it. My hair is rather shorter than it has ever been in a while, about an inch under my ears.

We'll see tomorrow how it looks.

I took today off as I thought my parents would still be here, so since they left early this morning, I tried taking care of some bureaucratic stuff but that didn't work out. After the haircut, I came home and had a Sarah Jane Adventures marathon... thank god there are only ten episodes and they are short. K-9 <3
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Effing hell! My feet are hurting like hell! I've been walking the whole day with my parents visiting parts of Helsinki, Suomenlinna and other things. It's nice but thank god I only have to do it once because visiting everything in three days is just torture, it's nice but annoying at the same time.

I'm now catching up with Doctor Who and tomorrow night, after a last day with the parents, I'll try to catch up with my social life.

Hooray \o/

Jun. 17th, 2008 09:33 pm
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You guys! I got the cutest underpants ever today. I just had to share that with everyone, funky undies make me happy.
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I'm feeling terribly emo this morning. I doubt it's because of last night's game. It's just emo-day for me, don't try to communicate with me as you will either be ignored or will get a half-assed response.

Most likely it's the summer cold that's coming on, I hate being sick and the first days are always the worse.
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So... hello LJ. Long time no see! I'm not dead yet, no, really I'm alive and well. I wish I had stuff to talk about and in a way I do, but I'd have to make lots of FO entries and I don't feel like typing those. Right now I'm still pondering whether I should go shopping early in the morning tomorrow and come back for lunch here and get stuff and go back in town for the picnic or if I should just head out an hour earlier and shop right before going to the picnic. Decisions, decisions. Compared to my problems the US elections are a piece of cake.

I bet I'll still forget the sunscreen.

In other news, I don't want Nadal to win again. Hate Nadal. Hate, hate, hate!
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Random thing of the day, what do you call a fizzy soft drink? I call it a soda and apparently most of the east coast US does so too...

Back to sulking about my shitty week... and it's only Wednesday!
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Another little thing I love about Helsinki... the lack of clearly defined plans. I had no plans at all this weekend and yet somehow it has been filled up with so many things, it almost seems unreal. More on that in FO mode if ever I get around to it, as I said to [ profile] bad_habit, with whom I met up yesterday and who's a truly fun and wonderful person to hang with, the more filled up my life is, the less I actually update here. Be damned real life on these occasions.

Also, you can have so much fun thing while reading the friends-of-friends list, it's almost unreal. There is one person who bitched at a girl at a baseball game for wearing the yellow dressed seen in this picture. Apparently it was "slutty"... right. Maybe the picture does not render the see-through part but I think it's a nice dress. Maybe it would have been better if the undies were not white but rather a more clashing colour but it's still rather nice. The original entry is all about how it does not look "sexy", right... because all the girls out there of course dress to look sexy. The girl is comfortable in her own body and apparently you are not (the poster's main picture is of her but you can only see half of one arm and she is clearly on the heavier side), let her be for god's sake.

Monday morning rant over, now we can go on to have a wonderful week.
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Is it just me or has the BashFR site gone to shit these past couple of months? Even the top quotes have changed... they never changed, they honestly never did! Bleh. Either I'm getting old or the internets have really been invaded ever since I came to Finland.

Or... or... or maybe I've just had too much sun this morning. Who knows. The good news is that I have yet to get a sunburn even though I spend most of my time outside, the bad news is that perhaps my melanin allergy is slightly coming back, I have this horrible itch in my arms, not fun.
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Dear internets,

Why the hell are there so many noobs around? Why? Why do they ask stupid questions that are totally out of line in so many coms? If those were proper appropriate noob questions, okie, I would get it... but those are really out of line. No, actually even appropriate noob questions posted as a separate entry are out of line since there is "ask a question" post. Obviously it's not a discussion group, so don't fucking post discussion questions! Damn it! The worst part is that other noobs are actually making the first two replies and actually want to participate in the discussion, how adorable... right.

And it's not just LJ or anything. It's everywhere. Suddenly those on this planet who were too "busy" during the school year got on the internets and want to play. To all the students on my flist: you are brilliant because you know how to ally the internets with school work. To all the non-students on my flist: you are also brilliant because you know how to ally internets with work.

Grrr... must not leave a mean reply. Must not leave a mean reply.

No love this morning,

(and oh, that deadline tonight at midnight? Haven't progressed on that at all...)
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This was meant to be a long entry.

It really was. Only it's already 9:15 and I'm supposed to be in Tapiola at 10 and I have to shower/eat breakfast/etc.

I lose at Saturday mornings. I seriously do.
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Reminder to self: think about organising a picnic somewhere in Espoo next weekend. If that fails, find a good restaurant where people can enjoy themselves.

Anyway, right now I have the weirdest stuff going on with my teeth. You know how when Nine regenerated into Ten, he said that his teeth felt weird, I imagine that's exactly the same feeling with my teeth right now. I would like to say that they almost do not belong to me. The beer is not to blame, not enough of it in my blood... maybe it's the mix of beer and diet coke, who knows.
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OMG! Giro on my computer in Finnish or something like that. Brilliant! All I got so far is "bla bla bla McEwen bla bla bla Tour de France bla bla bla Robbie McEwen bla bla bla Bettini bla bla bla"

To make the long story short, with very fast internets I also get telly for the computer (and obviously telly on the telly but I don't have a telly so I can't talk about that). Besides rather bad English family dramas subtitled in Finnish, I also get Eurosport which most of the time seems to be in English or German but for some reason the live sports are in Finnish... bummer. Ah well, maybe I'll learn some Finnish by watching cycling? I started watching two minutes ago and so far, I didn't get a single word.
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Dear life,

Why must you always come and complicate things? Like that thing I have to hand in before the 30th? Why did it come flying at me after three months of cesti-free life?

Lots of love,

Dear French people who are coming to the SELL Games 2008,

I am your team attache, could you please answer my emails? It's not that I'm in a rush but see, you're coming on Thursday... yope, that's in four days, and I have yet to know the details of when exactly you're coming, where you will be staying, what sports you will be participating in.

We haven't met but you're pissing me off already,

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