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It's not even 9am, it's been fully light for over an hour, I am eating homemade tomato soup (thanks to my mum) with melted cheese in it because I was hungry and who can say no to homemade tomato soup? In other words, life is good!

And I cheched, the Chinon and the Diana Mini were loaded with some film already! It's the little things that cause excitement, isn't it? Till those get finished and developed, the final of final from the last DM roll.

(Diana Mini. Some kind of iso200.)

+2 or +4 - sun and fun )
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So funny thing is that a couple of years ago I swear I used to hate mangoes and now I have this love of mangoes which turns me into a very naive person every single time I go to my local little Alepa. See, they have their mangoes on the top left fruit shelf, right above the six varieties of apples, and it seems that for some reason my common sense dies every single time I see them because I always think to myself "oh, mangoes! I would love a great mango right now, I should buy one, it can't be that bad." Of course it's that bad! It's December, we're in Finland and god knows where those mangoes are from! They're hard as rock in the best of cases and storing them for a couple of days does not improve the texture nor the taste.

But I fall for it. At least once a month. That stupid belief that just this once I will get a decent mango here at my local Alepa any time of the year.

Same goes with melons. Kinda. Less often though.

Anywho. Palm trees and other flowery things. From a bit more south.

(Diana Mini. Some kind of iso200. Marseille.)

+2 or +4 - depending on how you count )
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(Diana Mini. Kodak200.)

Okie. So I might miss the little ones' crazy antics a tiny bit.
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Dusting off some more photos from the film vault! I guess this is somewhere from June or July.

+5x2 - the Diana Mini is waiting for me back in the sunshine! )

I know I say it about almost every film photo I take but I really love these ones. *proud mummy moment*
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I am so disconnected from anything that is not directly related to my little immediate world that I completely missed the fact that right now we probably have the coldest temperatures in the south of France. And it's about 30C indoors at night. At least the sun goes down faster so there is a bit more rest for us.

In other news, some cool stuff seen around recently...
- there is this video Above The Dust (via) which makes me want to take up some more adventurous biking.
- The Nerd Brain shirt. Someone should get it for me because that's pretty much me except that maths and science took over the comic book section. Never could quite get into those.
- The Frenchies might enjoy (or be traumatised for life) this little song about Star Wars. It hurts. A lot. I warned you that you might end up traumatised for life!

And now for something completely different!

(Diana Mini. Kodak 200.)

+3 or 6 - in yellows and skies )
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Diana Mini - where film meets magic half shots.

(Diana Mini. Kodak 200.)

+6 or 12 it all depends )
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Remember the time when the mimosa was still in bloom (hint: it was in February, maybe even late January). That's how far back this film takes us.

(Diana Mini. Kodak 200.)

+4 or 8 - depends how you count )
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Project 365 days - the analog version
Day 1 - Day 9 -- Day 11 - Day 20 -- Day 21 - Day 30 -- Day 31 - Day 40

January 31st, 2011.
Zenit-E - Agfa 100.
The Zenit visits Toulon.

+9 - what happened on those days? )

All the photos posted in the project so far can be seen here.
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What brings more happiness in the winter than mimosa? Mimosa seen through different cameras! Alas these photos were taken weeks apart so the bloom was in a different state each time.

(Chinon. Agfa 400.)

+5 - two photos for each camera in total )
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Continuing with the second day...
Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn-offs.
Day Eight: Three turn-ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

9 things about myself )

And now for some last photos from the Diana Mini roll. This one was a Fuji200 if I remember correctly.

+2... or 4, depends on how things are seen )
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Everyone is a critic and sometimes some critics make me want to bang my head against a wall. Actually they're not even critics, they're comments that question your work, something along the lines of "are you really sure you're using this camera because everyone else's work is not like that". Today the norm is everything, isn't it? Let me continue this under a cut because it might take a long time...

(this one and the next one become a tad larger when clicked)

+2 - and a continuation of the critic thing and explanation )
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I should communicate on the results of my experiments and this is an experiment from last week: capture a day in my life with the Diana Mini, no flash and Fuji200 film. The results go from "oh god, this is the highest form of art one can come up with!" to "hum... it's just black".

I actually took away from really dark shots but the rest is here, in its Lomo!Gali!fail glory.

This was Tuesday, February 1st, 2011. All the fun things of workday.

+45 // 3 simple // 21 double )
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Remember Paris in redscale with the Diana Mini (here, here and here)? Some colour was also involved.

Sometimes the random scanning works out well. You can piece everything together with the photos behind the cut. One in front, one behind. That kind of sounds obscene.

And hey, has everyone heard Schumann's Carnaval? It's been keeping me company a couple of times ever since I heard it again on the radio a few days back. It's rather awesome. And this version isn't all that bad.

+2 or + 4 - depends on how you count )
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Another little gem from the interwebs...

"I'm from Sweden."
"Oh cool, I studied Norwegian for a year once for no reason."

Next time someone says they drank orange juice that morning, I'll be sure to mention that I quite like homemade apple pie.

Now this was bound to happen sooner or later, the final photos from that particular roll of Diana Mini/redscale! It took four months to finish shooting and it only took two months to post.

+2 )

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I used to say that the Diana Mini with 100 redscale and low light were not friend but it seems I hadn't found the right subject. It seems early morning low light works rather well.

+3 - l'Arc pendant qu'on y est )

In other news, my mum contributed to the joke list:
"Tu connais la blague du petit déjeuner?" "Non." "Et bah, pas de bol!"

It runs in the family, we can't help it.

In other other news, once again, mainly for the francophones, I kind of find this video quite hilarious. It took me a while to find something that became smaller after it was used and was not what the lady mentioned. I could only come up with things like toothpaste tube.

In still other news, see what fashion designers in the 1930s thought people will wear in the year 2000. Ah, yes, indeed, that portable telephone at the end wasn't so off.
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Punaise, hier j'ai vu un de ces boulets sur la route! Alors moi je roule tranquillement sur la Gineste derrière deux voitures, on est à 85km/h (la limite est à 90) et il fait noir parce que là c'est 18h bien passées. Dans l'autre sens c'est une file continue de voitures, situation tout à fait normale.

Et là je vois une voiture arriver derrière moi à toute vitesse et j'ai l'impression qu'elle me fait des appels de phare. Alors moi je regarde, non, ce n'est pas la police, ce n'est pas une ambulance et il n'y pas de plaque dans le genre "médecin/médicaments urgence" sur le pare-brise. Je continue ma route en me disant que j'ai dû croire que c'était un appel de phare mais en fait le gars était juste passé sur un nid de poule et ça a fait sauter la voiture. Et rebelote, un autre appel de phare... mais que j'ai vu seulement parce que ma voiture soudainement était plus éclairée, le gars me collait tellement que je ne voyais plus ses phares dans mon rétro. Bref, kézako? Franchement, ça roule bien (combien de fois j'ai été bloquée derrière un gars roulant à 70?), il doit bien voir qu'il y a des voitures devant moi et qu'en face c'est une file continue. A un moment donné il y a eu un petit break dans la file d'en face et le gars a essayé de doubler... ratage complet, c'est pas 100m qui vont te suffire mon petit. Puis deuxième break et il dépasse comme les gros bourrins dépassent sur la Gineste: tellement pas doué que j'ai du me rabattre un peu sur le côté ainsi que la voiture qui arrivait en face. Mais le gars devait être content, il m'avait dépassée. Sauf que là il était coincé derrière deux autres voitures et on était arrivé en zone 60km/h et c'est une zone de ligne blanche continue.

Bref, en fin de compte le gars a eu beau coller à la voiture de devant et lui faire des appels de phare, on est arrivé en bas de la Gineste les uns derrière les autres. C'est fou ce que son petit caca nerveux lui a permis de gagner comme temps, non?

Et petit rappel, les appels de phare sont tout à fait ok pendant la journée, mais quand il fait nuit ils ne faut en faire usage que quand il y en a vraiment besoin parce qu'ils sont considérés comme des éblouissements des autres usagers de la route... et donc verbalisables.

(le texte ci-dessus a été tapé dans le train, mon voisin a bien dû se demander pourquoi je racontais cette histoire... ça lui apprendra à lire par dessus mon épaule!)

(short English version: some people are really stupid on the road and think they'll get to places much faster if they drive 5km/h faster on a 2km stretch.)

In other news, yesterday was Saint Lucy's Day and that means that the days are now getting longer! Actually in French there is a saying "A la Saint Luce, les jours croissent du saut d'une puce" (on Saint Lucy's Day the days get longer by a flea's jump, yep, that's a litteral translation but I quite like the image of the flea jump).

Saint Lucy's Day --- sunshine --- summertime --- going back in time --- analog stuff --- redscale film from September's adventures!

See how flawless my transitions are!

(Marseille. September. Diana Mini. Redscale 100.)
[photos from La Fête du Vent, already covered in this post]

+4x2 - the beach, Hôpital Caroline... and a tiny bit of Paris )
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Ah, les temps sont durs, faut faire des économies partout. Mais bon, le train non-chauffé le matin alors qu'il fait 0°C dehors, je trouve que c'est un peu limite de la part de la SNCF. D'habitude on se croirait dans un four mais là on s'est amusé à regarder la buée quand on respirait. C'est pas très pratique pour lire non plus... mes gants ne sont pas l'outil idéal pour tourner les pages.

Et puis c'est un de ces jours où je me dis que j'aurais mieux fait de rester au chaud, j'ai complètement zappé le fait que j'ai laissé mon déjeuner dans le frigo ce matin. Bah! C'est pas grave, il y a où acheter de bons trucs à manger par ici mais ce midi je devais manger de la purée de pomme de terre faite maison avec une sauce aux champignons aussi faite maison et des kiwis pour le dessert. Ca sera pour ce soir alors!

In other news I will probably have two more films to scan tonight so I should get the redscale one posted. Here is one of the reasons I love the Diana family: you can have multiple exposures and advance the film as much or as little as you want.

(click to see a much larger version of that image)

Montréal. End of August 2010. Diana Mini. Redscale 100.

+3x2 - more of the canal and some other things )
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Thinking about two things at once is not good on a Monday morning. I just wrote down the date twice on a document where I had to put down the date and sign. I hadn't noticed it up until it was pointed out to me. Thank goodness there are times when someone rereads these things.

In other news, I have a new hobby, when things are looking bleak I google "lever coucher du soleil marseille"... and then start counting the days till the 16th. That's the first day after the two shortest days of the year. I don't care that there are sites that say otherwise! I don't care that technically everyone thinks that the 21st is the shortest day. I just want sunshine.

Yes, I'm Miss Cranky-Pants this morning. It's the rain. It's not monsoon season here but somehow I don't remember it being so rainy a few years back. Maybe in those two-and-a-half/five-if-you-count-everything years Marseille had become a tad idolised in my head?

But honestly the rain and the cold these past few days kind of threw off some of my plans. I finally got my thirty rolls of film and I loaded up the new toy and then it was either -2C outside or it was raining. Perfect weather to test out a new camera. On another planet. Ah well. Then I thought I'd take it to work today and get some sunny shots around mid-day... raté, it might be warm and not raining but there are huge clouds stuck above us, can't even see the top of the Faron from the office. At least the train was on time this morning!

Ah... let's think back to a time when there was sunshine... Québec!

+3 or +6, depends on how you count )
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This is what I've been working on. For this one I think I'll post the scans in proper order instead of randomly.

(on the right you can see a Cool Globe that used to be all over Marseille)

I always take one blank shot after I insert a new film... and then straight on to the proper shooting. I don't understand how people can respect the customary three blank shots. Don't they want happy accidents?

+2 or 4, depends on how you count )

Have I already declared my love for the Diana Mini and redscale film? It is possibly the best combination in the world.

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