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Why do I always fall in love with the photos that are technically ugly as hell?
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So this is one of my mum's cactuses that's supposed to flower just for one day. This year it decided to half-flower (its flower never opened to its full potential) for two days and then it gradually withered today.

+3 - the blooming and dying )

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Being pragmatic about life - without bad runs there wouldn't be good runs. (That and I've already bitched out against the world on Tumblr)

So here are some pretty flowers to make up for all my morning negativity…

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Pride and joy of my life this morning - I shaved off 4 seconds off a segment on my commute after shaving off 12 seconds off the same segment yesterday. It's a 6+ minute segment though, so you know, I shouldn't be proud but I am. I won't be beating Cancellara any time soon but I'll take whatever seconds I can scrape here and there.

My morning commute has also become a passive aggressive stand off between me and the weather. I stubbornly refuse to put on long sleeves or arm warmers because I figure that 14-15C that are reported do not require that but I think the real weather out there is out to get me and is just waiting for me to give up on my short sleeves. (deep breath, what a sentence!) It can get quite frisky out there along some of the bridges! But I will not give in, 20 minutes do not require me to wear long sleeves, dammit! (I will still, most likely, always put on long sleeves for long rides, I can be pretty crazy but I'm not that crazy) I feel this requires appropriate hashtags #cyclingproblems #dammitweather

Finally, yesterday I complained about how none of the lily of the valley flowers actually coming out well in my photos recently - dandelions also refused to cooperate. To be honest I was too lazy to actually take off my sunglasses, so that might have contributed to my thinking that the exposure wasn't so bad and at least one photo could be saved… but sometimes everything is a fail. So here are some half-arsed dandelions.

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Another one that goes in my collection of photos that I love because they're flawed and that's what makes them awesome. I could have cut the sun out but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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Once again here a dilemma that I am often faced with - there is a photo that is terrible from a technical point of view and yet it's my favourite of that certain subject. Take for example the photo below, there are three more photos under the cut and at the first one there shows the structure of the flower in a much clearer manner than this one... and yet it has no soul. This one, there is just something in that light on the side, the transparency of the leaves, the out-of-focusness of the middle part, it's interesting and not bare!

So yep, so far that's my favourite photo of the year.

+3 - the middle stems are rather fluffy )
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I feel like tomatoes are largely underappreciated because we always see the same two sorts in supermarkets. In fact there are tons of different kinds and my parents are masters at having dozens of varieties all over the place.

+6 - some tomatoes but also flowers and other garden stuff )
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Has anyone been following the Tour de France? If you have, then you probably have seen rain, rain, rain, rain, some more rain and riders complaining about the rain. The weather here has been sun, sun, sun, sun, heat, sun, heat, humid, heat, 5 minutes of rain, sun, heat, humid, oh my god let me die hot. The guys should come down here, I'll gladly welcome a day or two of pure rain so we can finally get some sleep at night!

Now look at me, little Miss Complaining Pants.

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Day 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 // 23 // 24 // 25 // 26: my favorite form of exercise.

Long distance running, preferably with a few good hills, not a lot of people, not too hot, not too cold, some music, by myself and a good hour minimum.

(Chinon. Agfa200.)

+4 - going back in time to March and April )
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Day 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 // 23 // 24 // 25: my guilty food pleasure.

This really depends on my mood but usually my guilty food pleasures are synonym to strange comfort foods, although these days I don't seem to crave or enjoy them all that much. Every couple of months though it's good to have plain white rice with Thai chili sauce or some random cake that one cannot get at the corner shop but has to seek out in a special location.

How to get drops on plants in the summer - water plants! Plus it keeps the plants (mostly) alive.

+5 - drops and plants and apricots )
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Day 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 // 23 // 24: my favorite athlete from my favorite sport.

Right. Favourite athlete from favourite sport. My inner fangirl and admirer cannot pick just one. Sport or athlete from a sport, for that matter. In cycling, I would have to say Laurent Jalabert and Marc Madiot and therefore FDJ as a team. In tennis, Tim Henman and Marat Safin. In football, anyone who's blonde and pretty depends on my mood. In downhill skiing, Bode Miller. Let's not forget eventing, Nicolas Touzaint.

Et sur ce...

Roses are red.
Apples are too.
But violets are purple.
Violets aren't blue.

Oh wait... roses are yellowish-orangy?

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Vampires - now they all come in flower shapes!*

+10 - catching up on how the garden looked about a month ago )

*yeah, I'm not too proud of that one either. But see! I do know some popular culture stuff!
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Alright, let me get on my little soapbox for a second. You know that royal wedding tomorrow? Someone please explain to me why everyone is making such a fuss about it when really the number of people on whom this might have an influence is tiny. Why will it be broadcast live on French telly, on multiple channels too, when really I doubt any French person has any even distant claim to the throne (because of that Roman Catholic clause - although history shows that people quickly switch faith when a throne is at stake) and the number of royalists is rather limited (they do exist and they are even two potential French kings - because, like for everything else, the tiniest thing must be widely debated over).

Sure, it's Diana's kid. Sure, it's kind of a fairy tale. Sure, it's a break in all the fighting we hear about 24/7 on the news. I still find all the coverage over the top and, let's be honest, it is, in the end, none of our business. I wouldn't want that much information thrown at me if a close friend of mine got married so why should I want to know about all the information about this couple I have no relation to and who's not even remotely linked to me (except perhaps somehow by nationality through hundreds of years of arranged marriages and wars among some limited families tied to some land, you'll say).

If people are after fairy tales and juicy info, focus on Monaco! There are illegitimate children involved and all that fun stuff... although you do have to hand it to the British, they sure do know how to celebrate things, those camping before the church, in full Union Jack attire, almost make those who waited for days in line for Star Wars or Harry Potter tickets/books, in costume, look boring.

Speaking of funky attire... this flower is a winner!

+2 - such a winner that it needs two more shots! )

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