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As they say, "on s'amuse comme on peut."

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This was the only time I've gotten to see Giorgia Bronzini from (kind of) up close and she is as tiny as she seems in most photos and videos. Alas she seemed a bit down beat, I guess she maybe had wanted to win this race... but I guess that's ok for her though because she won beautifully the Ride London race (if you haven't seen her on-board video from the final moments of that race, watch it!).

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The interwebs are being difficult at home these days so if ever there is a disturbance in the force service on here, that's why. And by "service" I mean the light and joy I bring everyone with my ramblings. For which you're all, very obviously, welcome!

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You know, Paris is like that old friend who I'm always happy to see and with whom I'll always have something to talk about or just gladly have comfortable silences with even if we haven't seen each other for years and haven't really kept in touch.

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I literally walked into a doorframe on Sunday night. And I think the doorframe had nothing but the bone under my eyebrow still hurts and it's Tuesday evening as I'm writing this... at least there was no bruising. I totally have an excuse as to why it happened though, it was the middle of the night and I had just spent two nights away from the flat so I had clearly forgotten the 5 metre walk required to get to the bathroom. Still, I can honestly now say that I have once literally walked into a doorframe (possibly I had done that before when I was a toddler learning to walk but that clearly does not count).

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A month and two days after the event, here is the final part of the Tour de France Stage 21! So exciting that it even has its own little tag and its own little tumblr.

And how could I possibly try to make a recap on something related to TdF without mentioning Voeckler! Try to spot him in the crowd:

Hint: he might have lost the yellow jersey but the glasses stayed!

+8 - I need a team car when I get a flat too! )
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Continuing from here with some swift action. Bon, je sors, je sais... promis plus de blagues à la con.

Anywho, swifty B. Swift was up ahead trying to catch up with the first few after the first laps.

+8 - some rather distinctive jerseys... oh rainbows! )

(as before, larger photos here with all tags listed here)
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Finally! After hours and hours and hours of waiting and talking my lovely Aussie neighbours on either side and translating stuff for them and watching the kiddies go by and watching the caravane go by and then waiting some more (all that summed up in the first posts under this tag) it's time for the official cars to go by and finally for the BMC train to hit the pavés on Champs-Elysées. I'm not kidding about the waiting, first photo taken around the Champs with all the people already waiting at 10:26 and the first photo of the riders was taken at 16:33. Granted there was a food stop and just some general walking for me so I wasn't sitting there for six hours, unlike some.

(also these posts do not contain a lot of photos and they're all resized excessively, they can all be seen though over here on Tumblr with some random comments and in much bigger - and you can find all the riders tagged in the photos on this little tag page!)

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But seriously, go to the Tumblr, everything looks better in HUGE.

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Argh! Forgot one Team Vittel photo depicting the team's awesomeness and win over all the other teams at the TdF!

Yep, old school team bus! Now that SKY Bose-sound 1000e/chair bus doesn't look as cool anymore, huh?

And for those interested, this is still applicable! So claim a card/drawing if you're interested!
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Team Vittel, the only team you need to root for during the Tour de France. Here are some reasons why...

The other teams all have those shiny S-works and those Treks, these guys are way more hardcore, they ride on Vélib! Now try going up a hill on that 25kg beauty.

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When I grow up...

... I want to be as cool as this dude and have a ride just like his. And get to drive it around outside of the TdF caravane too.

+ 8 - pour le dessert )
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Sooner or later I'm bound to get to the photos of the lads of the Tour de France but before they came along there was the caravane. Now we all know why the caravane is awesome, it's because throw stuff and you have catch it (think back to our haul from Massat in 2009). Except on the Champs-Elysées either they usually run out of stuff or they just deem it too dangerous. Most likely the latter but we'll pretend that they're meanies and just didn't want us to have a few extra useless caps that one can only use to protect one's hair (kinda) while painting.

Still, the huge lion got an update this year!

+12 - from Lux to baguettes )
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Didn't bring along any of my flags for the TdF but by pure coincidence I was flanked by Aussies on both sides!

+7 - the different stages of waiting )
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Last time we saw that the area around Tuileries/Concorde was off-limits because of the Tour de France... so how about the Champs-Elysées? Given the craze that usually comes at the end of other stages I figured that people would be there early and was I right! 10:30am, you couldn't have even come close to where the podium was and yet the riders weren't expected to come around till 3:30pm-4pm. Thank goodness that the Champs are long and you can stand on either side!


+7 - waiting, reading and observing )
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For a day or two during the summer the center of Paris becomes even more confusing for tourists because things get closed off. Bridges get closed off, you can't even get off at the Tuileries metro station, Place de la Concorde is closed off. Yes, that means only one thing - the Tour de France is ready to touch down in the city.

+6 - bridge, closed off stuff, people looking confused, boats I want to live on )
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And hanging out around Notre Dame at dusk.

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Note: This was posted like this yesterday on w-i-g's WordPress.

It seems that LJ's DDoS attacks are severe once again and my self-centered little person still has trouble accepting that no matter what LJ must resist in the name of freedom of expression. So go on little LJ! Fight those stupid people who would like to silence others! And speaking of Russian stuff (because the DDoS attacks usually take down servers to shut down Russian political blogs), I saw today that 53% of Russians believe that the results of the next elections will be controlled by the government and not at all by public votes. Fun times!

Anywho, so for the moment this will not get crossposted and almost all photos from previous posts will be down. Life goes on!

Paris - pre-Tour de France and in tourist mode. It was a crazy idea, way to many people.

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