September 5

Oct. 2nd, 2014 09:00 am
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As if having to learn Spanish was not enough... but good this was only a restaurant where comics were in another language and not the whole country!

August 30

Sep. 26th, 2014 09:00 am
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You know how in some cities up north you can basically live your whole life underground, in Seville the city centre is not criss-crossed by metro stations and shopping centre tunnels - instead, it has huge things covering the two or three main touristy/shopping streets to shield shoppers from the sun. And obviously instead of patio heaters, bars and restaurants have patio sprinklers that make mist.

July 1

Jul. 28th, 2014 09:00 am
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Beginner's luck. I got the score of that match where France won 2-0 right (and amazingly enough I also had the correct score for the other match of that night). Then I went on to getting everything else wrong! Except that one time everyone got everything wrong and I had the closest guess.

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A few minutes and a few hundreds of feet apart.

May 19

Jun. 16th, 2014 09:00 am
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A bit higher up the canal. Or actually maybe this is just close by but from the other side. I'm having doubts, have to memorise close buildings structures better.

May 18 (3)

Jun. 15th, 2014 09:00 am
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Old and new. And this was taken during a run and actually if you trace a line straight across the river and then go one street over, my flat is around there. Alas I usually have to take a bridge over and can't just walk across the water - yet.

In other news, phone photos, hooray! Because I needed to catch up with the 365 Day Project and because I haven't gotten too far ahead with regular photos because I really want to finish this book I'm reading and everything else kind of gets put on the back burner while that's happening. Oh you know how it can be with books... I'm spending almost all my free time reading it and it seems awesome and I bet the moment I'm done I'll start complaining about everything that could have been written better. Always happens like that.

March 24

Apr. 12th, 2014 09:00 am
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Same hills. Same phone camera. Different weather than in the last post related to them.

March 22

Apr. 9th, 2014 09:00 am
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The usual mid-point view during my runs/walks is of mountains and the city below (a bit like here) but on that day it was all quite different.

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Seen here and there on my walks/runs in the calanques. Sometimes I wish I brought a proper camera with me on those outings but then it would get annoying quite fast.

October 20

Oct. 22nd, 2013 09:00 am
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Things I did not expect to see at 2PM on a Sunday in October: frost all over the place, even my street had frozen puddles. I also managed to get lost in the forest. Well, "lost" is a huge exaggeration. I knew which was I was supposed to go, I just didn't know the exact path I needed to take… but that's enough to say that one was lost in the central park in Helsinki, IMO.

October 19

Oct. 21st, 2013 09:00 am
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The main problem these days is that when it's not raining/snowing, it's actually quite lovely and warm(ish) up until the sun hides behind clouds and then temperatures drop like crazy! On Saturday it was one of those kinds of days - lovely sunshine to the point where even the 50km/h gusts of wind were tolerable but those clouds just kept on being threatening.

October 13

Oct. 17th, 2013 02:44 pm
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Last Sunday we were promised sunshine and temperatures up to 11C so I decided to have one last ride wearing shorts. Granted, those weren't my summer shorts but rather shorts that are made for colder weather (gotta love cycling gear manufacturers, they will make stuff for every eventuality). The starting time was far from my previous 7am starts - 8:39am.

To be honest, it might be pretty out there, but riding in current conditions is not quite as satisfying as when it's a nice 15-20C and very sunny. Heck, the number of rides I've gone on these last few weeks is amazingly low while the number of runs and long walks is increasing.

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First time visit to Neptune although I passed about 200m away from it on my daily commute for over a year and a half.

And other recent stuff.

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Full disclosure: for about the last two weeks all the posts posted were actually written about two weeks ago and scheduled to spread out over time… because I know myself and I knew very well that there was no way in hell I was going to keep up with posting while being busy pretending being a tourist (oh, who are we kidding? There are just days when I don't feel like doing anything related to social media and that's why I make huge queues of posts whenever I do actually get inspiration).

All that to say that below you will see some of what happened last week. Namely apparently I'm pretty sure Wayne's Coffee in Norway has bigger "large" mugs than they do here (or maybe the table was smaller or my hand shrunk on that occasion). Oh, and fresh flowers in meh-level restaurant bathrooms? That's where they put all that oil money! I'm not kidding, fresh flowers. At first I was going to make fun of them for keeping fake flowers in water but then I touched and smelled them and they were real flowers. And finally - Eddy spotting! I didn't get to see him at this year's Tour de France because he hurt his shoulder before they came to Marseille, so I guess this makes up for it. But look at this! He's known in Norway, they put him on ads and all! I didn't actually think that a cyclist would have that level of fame there but it's Eddy The Boss after all. Maybe that explains all those Norwegian fans on the roads during races, they're proud of their local boys.

As you can imagine, for the next 1394873298472 weeks there will be photos of Oslo posted all the time. Mentally prepare yourself for that. But first there will be some other photos from stuff that happened before then… gotta keep that timeline somewhat normal.
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Sometimes I do get good ideas such as taking my gloves for this morning's run! Great, awesome, amazing idea! Alas I didn't take anything to cover my ears and they were numb by the time I came back (although that might be due to the fact that I stopped at 10km and walked home from the opera house). As usual, I didn't really mind the shorts - my legs don't really give a damn about being cold when running, quite the opposite of cycling. That reminds me that I have yet to order new good quality overshoes… freezing toes are no fun.

Oh, and the random weird stuff one can encounter in parks… a womb in a tree. The weird part is that it's on this path in keksuspuisto that I've never taken before because it basically leads to nowhere useful for me, but it's really close to the south edge of the park! I've walked within 100m of it so many times! The things one discovers! One of these days I'm going to finally try to find the pet cemetery a bit up north in that park.
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A few days of life, here and there.
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What adventures on Sunday morning? The rain stayed away and there was even quite a bit of sunshine, alas there was also quite a bit of wind… oh, and my front tyre had a case of looking like it's a bit deflated while rolling but at full pressure when I stopped to check (at least there were pretty flowers nearby to make up for the effort).

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Saturday morning I broke out the "winter" thermal tights (they're described as "winter/tough conditions" on the Wiggle website, that means mid-September in Helsinki...) and I was quite glad I did. I also got reminded that I have yet to acquire proper overshoes because frozen toes are no fun after an hour or two.

Actually it wasn't all that cold in town but once I hit the back roads on my way to Nuuksio there was quite a bit of fog (I tried to capture the valley full of fog in the second photo, not sure it really came out, maybe on the original Instagram one it's easier to see) and that stuff is nasty. At least proper sun came out when I was heading back. And the few hills on that Nuuksio road kept me entertained… and by that I mean that I had nice choice words towards all cycling gods out there on that one hill that has a metre or two at 15%, I definitely will not be going to to the top of the Ventoux any time soon.

Overall, 2 hours 50 minutes well spent!

And speaking of cycling, want to see another example of how little respect is shown by organisers to women's cycling? There is only one HC race on the women's calendar, you'd think that it would be the biggest and best organised race because, well, HC race, that means that UCI deemed as the most important one on the calendar! Well, no. The safety issues around the race (stray cars disrupting the race, stray photographers getting in the way of riders and causing them to crash, etc.) have pushed teams to withdraw from the race (imagine the money lost for these team that already function on shoestring budgets!) and that's just both sad and disgusting. You can read a really good account of how things happened here. Imagine something like this happening at the Tour de France... when will women's cycling be respected as much as men's?
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Right. What has life been like since last Thursday? Can be summed up as me successfully being rejoined by my luggage at the airport, a bit of running in windy and cloudy conditions although I've successfully avoided rain drops, and I discovered that now Fazer consider 47% cocoa as "dark chocolate" (I was later told that officially the EU considers 35% as the minimum to call something "dark chocolate", which I say must be changed, 35%… la blague).

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