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Can you believe peeps let us plant-sit their plants during the holidays? Us? The office space that often features a very ill looking plant on some Mondays (including this Monday, which was totally my fault because I checked its soil on Thursday and deemed it moist enough to make it through Friday and then forgot to water it on Friday for the whole weekend). I am happy to say nothing died on our watch!

June 9

Jul. 4th, 2014 09:00 am
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See that plant? It's my plant at work and the first week-end after I had brought it over I did not consider that most likely the A/C wasn't while no one is in the office and the poor thing was in a very, very, very bad shape on the next Monday. I somehow managed to bring it back from the dead but all the flowers had already turned to brown. Now it's about three weeks later and new ones are appearing even though the tip of two or three leaves are still brown. I still consider a very high achievement.

June 6

Jul. 1st, 2014 09:00 am
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Oh, I live life very dangerously - I decided to try and keep some plants alive on my patio. In Seville. Where yesterday I was walking from work and it felt very hot to me but then I saw one of those outdoor thermometers that will often be anywhere from 37 to 40C, and yesterday it only indicated 33C and I thought to myself, "oh, it's not hot, why does it feel so hot? Maybe I'm coming down with something..."

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Tomato transplant - complete.

April 4

Apr. 22nd, 2014 09:00 am
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There is always that one plant that likes to show off... even tomatoes aren't immune!

June 16

Jun. 22nd, 2013 09:00 am
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So how do you like them tiny, itsy bitsy things that will most likely result in apples later on?

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These plants puzzled me to no end. They had a very unnatural look about them. This is what I would picture those invading plants in War of the Wolrds to be like, if Wells had described them as being green.

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Sigh. I think my plant hates me now. Taking bets on how it will last...
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Okie dok. Let's have a very unbiased look at my life right now.

I have one of them twitchy eye things, you know the one where your eye just won't stop twitching and google is of no help because apparently it happens to everyone and there about a thousand theories that every day Einsteins have as to why it might happen.

Apparently my thesis is still not done and I need another journal article because that's how things roll around here. Too bad I'm still having this love/hate relationship with my whole post-Masters education. We're back to the hate bit, in case that wasn't clear. Actually I'd even say that today is a very negative day, the kind of day you don't want to see anyone, because I'm anti-social from time to time, but alas it's the day that everyone wants to see you.

But hey, those almost-three-weeks in the south were good. I had actually forgotten what high levels of humidity felt like... I was quickly reminded here with 95% and sweating like there is no tomorrow on a short bike ride when it's only 18C. The hand seems better, a month or two and things should be at 100%!

Oh, and how amazing was Vos yesterday? And all the other women in that race. I'd say that this was the highlight of the Olympics, I doubt any other competition can beat the amazing level of that road race... and to say that women's professional cycling still doesn't get even a quarter of the coverage and sponsorship that men's professional cycling does. The men's race was pretty awesome too but the comments/reactions some people had about the finish were rather upsetting because the bashing that Uran got was just not justified. As I said on twitter, imagine being almost a "no one" in cycling (I know, I know, he's Sky and had the white jersey and had tons of other stuff, but relatively speaking he's a no one) with no apparent finishing abilities what-so-ever (again, relatively speaking but Uran has never been known to be a great finisher) going up against Vino, I think a freaking out freeze in a final sprint is more than a possibility. Then again I would make the worst ever hockey mum because I want everyone to win and be nice and everything. And really, the bashing was just plain old mean. And my current self might not be into Vino but I certainly am in love with the idea of my 2005-self being in love with Vino (don't question this, that sentence totally makes sense in my head). And he'll probably be sporting a golden tracksuit as Astana DS next year and that's going to be even freakier than those kits with his face on them. God, those things were things of nightmares.

Just now I also thought that I only watered a tiny bit the one plant that's still alive in my flat since I've been back. I should look into watering it a tad more. Super transition to... some old photos of the other plants that were not dead back in March! Dude, best transition ever or what!

I should have called this one "the evolution of how things die over at my place, part 23478398".

Woohoo! So I could go on like this forever. I think I'll just save it for later.
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Everyone, quick! Get in the wayback machine!

Remember when there was still snow on the ground?

+2 - yellows and blues )
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Back in March, at one point we had sun and these guys weren't deader than dead.

+3 - flowers checking themselves out )
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It seems I end at different places every single time I go see Manta getting her cap on the 30th. This year we walked to the observatory park.

+3 - spring is here! finally! )
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Catching up a bit here and there. April 1st, the weather likes to play pranks too!

+2 - don't have the heart yet to throw them out )
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March 25th... it seems that going to summer time has made it snow. It's like the world thought, "oh, they're losing an hour of sleep anyway, so why not also dump some snow on them!"

But hey, taking photos of my dried up little plants is better with a natural white background.

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In case anyone needed further proof that they're using something in flower shops to keep flowers from blooming or losing their flowers too quickly...

Yep, those are the same plants as yesterday where there was only one flower on each. Roughly 12 hours later and a night later, I would say about 85% of the possible flowers have bloomed. Had there been vast amounts of sun, I could have said that it was that but this happened during the night. Goes to show you that selling things is an art, they have to get the blooming process just right!

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I have three new flatmates and so far it seems that our cohabitation will work out, they're not exactly the type to come in at 3am dead drunk or to leave dirty laundry all over the place. The fact that they're plants might have something to do with it... but there are some really vicious plants out there so you never know.

I have picked out names yet but I'm thinking of going for a LOTR theme. Maybe Elrond, Galadriel and Galdor, except that they are all elves in the books and these plants will be lucky to be alive in a month.

+3 - yellow, green and red )
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I've been bumming around different parts of Marseille these past couple of days and I've been visiting little cafes and places. Ah, yes, it doesn't matter where my holidays take me, I like to do the same stuff.

I've discovered a place where they sell some doughnuts and some cupcakes but it wasn't cupcake time yet so I settled for the mocha. They have still some way to go in terms of presentation and making really cold drinks but it's the effort that counts.

Also, I'll repeat my plea for those who are taking care of the LeVelo system to put a station in Valmante! Mazargues is way too far! Please put one closer to here! Please!

In other news, I discovered that apparently there is something historical around Valmante. Yes, I've lived here on and off for ten years!

See that castle thing? I can honestly say that I had never seen it before even though it's clearly visible from the main road. I guess I just never turned my head towards there. At least now I can die a bit more educated.

5x2 more photos of veggies from the garden, some flowers, some lunch... )

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