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Wheeeee! Now that's the sound of my going slightly insane.

Originally this was going to be a huge retrospective about how bureaucracy fucked up my thesis time line three ways to Sunday and the many things I've learnt over the last three and a half years. The part where I shall cry and whine about bureaucracy and how life is unfair will wait for later, when I feel like I need to complain a tad more than right now. The other part, the bit where I talk about the joys and sorrows of a PhD, that's going to come out as a three hundred page book. At least. There are so many topics to cover, so many things I didn't even realise would come into play in a doctoral thesis. Before I forget I should mention at least something that will be developed later on but that really struck me at around 1am last night, sometime during one of my "naps" (I still can't pull an all-nighter, for those wondering).

I have no idea if it was the lack of sleep, the nerves, my head being overstuffed with things I had still to finish by morning, but at some point around 1am I started thinking about what I really wanted to do after this thesis. Amazingly enough, it wasn't some fancy career opportunity or moving to some random location, I just wanted to paint something using either acrylic or oil paints. Something where I could create textures and blend colours and shape the world easily. I started analysing it and asking myself if it was a need for pure artistic expression or was it really just painting, in the end I considered if I would get the same sense of joy out of sculpture or drawing and the answer was a straightforward negative. There was just something about painting using paints that can be manipulated into a 3D mess that really appealed to me. Watercolours could have been considered, I love playing with transparency and blending. Right at that moment, I was certain that I had no idea what I want to do later in the long run but some paints would have been made me the happiest of bunnies.

Right now I can honestly say that I want to do nothing. I don't want to write, read, paint, draw, take photos, go for a walk, go for a ride, watch a film. Nothing. I want to do nothing and I feel nothing, it's a flatline of emotions. But that's because I am tired and grumpy and if you were to meet me on the street I'd probably be terribly rude to you. This is basically why I usually insist on getting a decent amount of sleep all the time, I am one horribly rude person when tired, and the worst bit is that I realise that I am rather rude then but I can't give a damn because of this emotional flatline and then when I'm well rested I feel horrible about having been rude. In a way, this is state of emotional void is exactly what saved me from freaking out at the ER two months ago. And about my credit card being fraudulently used by someone as I discovered yesterday. I'm pretty sure I should have been freaking out but I talked to my mum (btw, mum, you're awesome for point it out to me, it would have taken me another week or so to finally check everything by myself! ♥ ♥ ♥ ) and then called the bank and got everything cancelled as if I were ordering pizza. Now that I think about it, I'd probably show more emotions ordering pizza if I were really hungry.

Okie. Now I have no idea where this is going. We've covered the painting urge, we've covered how right now I just want to do nothing... there was also another part of the night where I considered this need I have to keep moving and where I wanted to go for a trip.

End of story though, I did hand in my thesis for the second time this morning. Now we just wait for another week to hear back if it fits bureaucratic requirements. Till then... back to the grind. Woo. Eventually I'll also find motivation to finish off the Tour de France photos and the photos from Tokyo and the ones from the south. I just realised the other day month that I had a whole film that had been developed but never processed. And then I have about one or two shots left in the Smena I should finally finish. And I should drop off the film I finished with the Chinon three weeks ago. And I should post these photos from Boulder that were on yet another film:

(Smena Symbol. Kodak (possibly, can't remember) 200. Boulder Creek Path.)

When said like that it almost makes me seem like I get things done in my free time. That's just an illusion though.
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

And thus, this brings a conclusion to all the Colorado posts. Woohoo! On time for the next big adventure.

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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Going higher and higher, but never as high as these guys.

+11 - the sun sets quite fast there in December )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Now we're getting really outside the city outskirts on that trail but we're not quite in the mountains yet.

+7 - before the first signs of snow )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Boulder is kind of huge for cycling and triathlon stuff. I can totally see why... alas I did not get to see Chrissie Wellington training out there on the trails.

All the signs telling pedestrians and cyclists how to behave well were rather hilarious to me. Around here we basically have signs indicating if pedestrians and cyclists should share one lane or if each one has separate lanes, the rest is left to common sense and courtesy.

+3 - signs for pedestrians and cyclists )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

On the final full day in Boulder (and Colorado), I went for a walk along that long path that's right on the outskirts, along the river. Can't remember its name for the life of me...

+6 - world peace and squirrels )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Visiting the uni in Boulder and their aerospace department and teaching facilities for undergrads.

For the first time in my life I had experienced light induced sneezing. Quite funky, if you ask me... you're walking along, minding your own business, next thing you know, major sneeze all because you went from shadow to bright sunshine.

+3 - the standard uni stuff )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

By far this was one of the most hilarious dinners on the trip... about three hours discussing false cognates between Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Czech and when a word in one language is a swear word or some dirty word in another. Crazy and fun times!

+5 - no bison on the menu though )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

If you want to travel back in time a bit, I definitely would recommend Hotel Boulderado. From the armchairs in the lobby down to the wallpaper all over the place and the brownish tones everywhere.

+6 - the wallpaper really marked me for some reason )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

+4 - little bits of Denver )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Disclosure of the afternoon: I have never seen The Shinning. Ever. I actually have not seen plenty of what many others consider to be cult films. I make up for that by being able to recite plenty of lines from good old soviet films!

Still, apparently in The Shinning there is a Stanley Hotel in which some memorable scenes happen and that hotel happens to be close to Este Park and our group happened to have a fan of The Shinning in it, therefore we made a quick pit stop there before heading off to the airport and back to Finland.

+4 - hotels and road trips )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Everyone is allowed to laugh at this but one of the most hilarious and imaginative things I found in Colorado were Coconut M&Ms. Artificial flavours and all but still, Coconut M&Ms. I should say that four years ago M&Ms of any kind weren't all that common in Finland, now most stores carry the usual plain and peanut ones... forget about having five sorts like in shops in the US! I wanted to try them all but once again it's terrible having only one stomach and travelling with just a backpack! Can't eat them all and can't bring them all back with you. Darn it.

How brilliant is that they have little drawings of stuff next to the "m" symbol?

+2 - does what it says on the package )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

+3 - and seeing mountains in the background )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

Les nuits se suivent et se ressemblent... oh yes, but this time it wasn't a burger, it was a club sandwich!

I guess you can see that I don't actually often eat burgers or sandwiches, I actually wasn't even tired of them after a week.

+2 - they also had pretty darn good ice cream there )
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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

In the land of What Ze Phoque, there is this... props to them for actually even selling matriochky inspired keychains by the counter. I'm not going to google them but it must be a Russian themed Starbucks-clone franchise.

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(Catching up - Colorada trip - November 2011 - all related posts here)

I believe this was the first night where we started wondering why the heck they kept on showing this one dude crouching on the football field. Turns out it's his way of praying or something... kept on being shown over and over and over and over and over again.

In terms of food and drinks, another local brewery! With huge tanks on display! I love those kinds of things, makes one wonder if they're actually used... I hope they are, prop tanks would just be silly! Exclamation mark!

4 - pulled pork and beer tanks )

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