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Well, I haven't updated in ages... really in ages. So here is what I was up to Friday and Saturday: camping fun! It was really fun and it made me realise just how much I missed the whole adventure thing. We were in the Nuuksio national park and we camped on an island! I'll upload some pictures from there later on but here are some that have been uploaded by others.

Of course this is me just "helping out" by pretty much saying "yeah, that kind of looks right" :p
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Another little thing I love about Helsinki... the lack of clearly defined plans. I had no plans at all this weekend and yet somehow it has been filled up with so many things, it almost seems unreal. More on that in FO mode if ever I get around to it, as I said to [livejournal.com profile] bad_habit, with whom I met up yesterday and who's a truly fun and wonderful person to hang with, the more filled up my life is, the less I actually update here. Be damned real life on these occasions.

Also, you can have so much fun thing while reading the friends-of-friends list, it's almost unreal. There is one person who bitched at a girl at a baseball game for wearing the yellow dressed seen in this picture. Apparently it was "slutty"... right. Maybe the picture does not render the see-through part but I think it's a nice dress. Maybe it would have been better if the undies were not white but rather a more clashing colour but it's still rather nice. The original entry is all about how it does not look "sexy", right... because all the girls out there of course dress to look sexy. The girl is comfortable in her own body and apparently you are not (the poster's main picture is of her but you can only see half of one arm and she is clearly on the heavier side), let her be for god's sake.

Monday morning rant over, now we can go on to have a wonderful week.
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Reminder to self: think about organising a picnic somewhere in Espoo next weekend. If that fails, find a good restaurant where people can enjoy themselves.

Anyway, right now I have the weirdest stuff going on with my teeth. You know how when Nine regenerated into Ten, he said that his teeth felt weird, I imagine that's exactly the same feeling with my teeth right now. I would like to say that they almost do not belong to me. The beer is not to blame, not enough of it in my blood... maybe it's the mix of beer and diet coke, who knows.
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Okie. Finland. You're great. Really great. Now stop being so cool and having such nice people.

I seriously miss weeknights when I had nothing to do and could just do that, nothing. I'm planning on having one of those possibly on Thursday. Yeah, that would be absolutely nice.

Oh yeah, playing table tennis is fun, lots of fun.

Now it's back to writing Excel code, when I die I will honestly have "knew how to code VB for Excel" on my grave. That's truly one of the biggest accomplishments of my life so far.
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Well, had a lovely evening with lots of great people. Had a lovely pastis, the poor girl at the bar didn't get what I wanted til I pointed to the large bottle with "RICARD" written on it, bless her for knowing that you need to add water to the stuff.

In other news, I, apparently, need saving. Todd and his strangely mute friend absolutely wanted to talk to me today and they were from some kind of Church of the Holy Christ and if only they weren't into religion, they might have been hot. Well, no, I still wouldn't hang out with them because our conversation went something like:
Todd: so where are you from?
Me: France, south of France.
Todd: France is nice, where in France?
Me: Toulon, Marseille, south of France.
Todd: *blank stare*
Me: Monaco and a bit to the left.
Todd: Oh, next to the border.
Me: If you want.
Todd: I've never been to France.
Me: *smiles at the comment*
Todd: I'm from Utah, you know where that is?
Me: Yeah, I know. I used to live in Boston, so I know the US quite a bit.
Todd: I've never been to Boston.
Me: *nods*
Todd: I haven't been much outside Utah.
Me: *thinks: no kidding!?!*
Todd: So you want to come to our Church American nights?
Me: Sorry, I've already got friends and at least they can get drunk a lot. Bye now!

Monaco, border, what? Anyway, poor thing didn't know that religion was a no-no in the USSR, I guess you learn something new everyday. I still don't get how they weren't cold without proper coats, is like a Mormon thing? You have to suffer in the cold or something?

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