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It can get really humid around here but fog is rarely a problem. Except for that one day where it was impossible to even see the other side of the canal when walking next to it. Strange day, it was!

August 19

Sep. 16th, 2014 09:00 am
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More exciting news! We might get two and a half days of rain starting this morning. I know it's going to get old pretty soon but I'm still super excited about seeing that it shouldn't go above 25C.

June 24

Jul. 21st, 2014 09:00 am
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This year is really something different in terms of weather. Apparently the whole winter had been rainy, which is rather unusual, then there was the strange heat wave in May that welcomed me to Seville, and now there are droplets every few weeks, just for a few minutes so nothing huge like a storm, when we shouldn't have rain at all! Heck there were some clouds and a bit of wet ground for five minutes last Friday.

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We end had a mini heat wave end yesterday in prediction of the everyday heat we're going to have in the upcoming weeks (actually already starting mid-next week) when it's supposed to get even hotter.

The 175C is obviously not something usual (ok, so I caught the moment the display was changing from the temperature reading to the time) and the rain is definitely not something we're going to see for the next couple of months. But I honestly thought that 40C would be much worse than 35C... it's not, not really, you just feel your skin is quickly burning and you're in a sauna whenever you're outside.

May 18 (1)

Jun. 13th, 2014 09:00 am
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Yellow alert for temperatures for today, red alert for tomorrow. The bad part is that for some reason it's been abnormally humid also this week, apparently something that never happens when it gets this hot, and that's why pretty much everyone has been walking around like zombies, even the old timers.

Oh, and one time I went to the Parque de María Luisa and there were peeps in Roman (?) costumes in front of the archaeology museum.

May 15 (3)

Jun. 10th, 2014 09:00 am
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The one pretty good thing so far about Seville is that it might get to 35+C in the afternoon but it usually goes back to 20C during the night. It seems it might "only" go back to around 23-24C once we hit about 40C (like we're supposed to at the end of this week), but that's still a good temperature change... otherwise it would be really hard to survive. As it is, there is just a bigger need for water and shouldn't really try to walk a lot before about 8pm (although some peeps do run when it's 37C out there, I see them every time I leave work... crazy peeps).

October 20

Oct. 22nd, 2013 09:00 am
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Things I did not expect to see at 2PM on a Sunday in October: frost all over the place, even my street had frozen puddles. I also managed to get lost in the forest. Well, "lost" is a huge exaggeration. I knew which was I was supposed to go, I just didn't know the exact path I needed to take… but that's enough to say that one was lost in the central park in Helsinki, IMO.

October 19

Oct. 21st, 2013 09:00 am
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The main problem these days is that when it's not raining/snowing, it's actually quite lovely and warm(ish) up until the sun hides behind clouds and then temperatures drop like crazy! On Saturday it was one of those kinds of days - lovely sunshine to the point where even the 50km/h gusts of wind were tolerable but those clouds just kept on being threatening.

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Appropriately enough, after the last post… this is what happened yesterday, October 18th:


Not a lot of it. Loads of rain though, with whole minutes of pure snow. And did I mention the cold?
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Posting outside the normal posting hours to bring you this. October 2nd! -1.9C with 97% humidity. There are probably a few precedents but I don't remember it ever dipping so low so early on.

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Rumour has it that a few snowflakes were seen on Wednesday night/Thursday morning! I can't say it surprises me, it's been a cold few days - yesterday I was outside for about an hour, always walking at very decent speed, and my ears froze like hell once again… at least I had my mittens with me. I'm growing soft!

The roses outside the Winter Garden still looked fine on Sunday though. I think I'll drop by again in the next few days to see how the temperature drop has affected them.

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Dear weather,

I'd like to remind you that we still have a few days left in September and 2C is generally not considered as appropriate weather for September.

Unless there is snow. Strangely enough I would accept some snow at the end of the week, but only if we skip the whole slush bit. I want proper snow.

No love,

June 19

Jun. 28th, 2013 02:44 pm
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I think I read somewhere that when you see a halo around the sun it means that there is a storm coming. There was no storm that day.

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We've had quite a few days when rain clouds just seemed to appear almost out of nowhere. Blue skies, blue skies, BAM huge black clouds and major rain, back to blue skies. Summer!

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Ah, the good weather couldn't have lasted forever… and so we're back to rain and needing a light coat when going out.

Unsurprisingly Hietsu was empty on Tuesday, what with all the clouds above and drizzle that started early in the morning.

+3 - there were some geese but that was about it )
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One of my main achievements this past week has been being able to sit in the sun reading without getting a sunburn. A couple of hours by the sea on Saturday, an hour yesterday, and not a single sign of turning into a lobster!

This is also where societal pressure comes in. Just writing the two sentences above has made me feel bad about myself, "you're freaken 27 years old and that's what you call your main achievements for the week?" Obviously I am exaggerating things quite a bit on here but there is always a grain of truth in every joke and exaggeration.

So, no, my mid-life crisis is not over yet.
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Guess who cycled to work this morning without arm warmers because it was 15C at 6am?

Also, thank you, awkward photo taking angle, for making me look like I have way more stomach than I do and for making the bike chain on the bar look like my bike grew some kind of freaky penis. The art of taking selfies, I do not know it.

And it's supposed to stay this nice till Friday and then it's rain and more rain but it should still stay warm. I think that spring finally its act together and decided to act like spring instead of winter! This is so exciting I don't think I can actually make it sound as exciting as it is in writing without resorting to capslock and keyboard smashes - I am a complete weather fangirl these days (totally shipping myself with sunshine, omfg you guys, I can't even).
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… but then again, we did get snow on Vappu three years ago.

[Note to self: skitch followed up by resizing in pixelmator is not a good idea, it seems.]
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Times are changing! I watered my plant this morning for the first time in ages (woohoo! go me! and go plant for not completely dying on me… yet) and I officially started my cycling season. That start was supposed to be on Monday but it snowed on Sunday and then again on Monday (photo on the left - view from the office mid-afternoon, if you can make something out - for those who don't know, there is usually a bright red building across the street that's invisible because of the snow falling) and it was the wet kind of snow that became ice at night. And so I put off the start till today and I only had a few patches of ice but plenty of fog - my eyelashes were so full of condensation that it made blinking quite difficult.

Still - we're back in the game.

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I've heard rumours going around that there is something called "spring" that's happening all over the world… does anyone know what that is? Apparently that's when temperatures are back in the positive range and there are blooming flowers and all of that. We have yet to see it here.

I mean, this was taken yesterday…

… and this morning this is what the sea looked like on my way to work. Yes, it is still completely white and frozen (and no, it hasn't snowed recently, it's still all left-overs from weeks ago).

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