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Hello, lovely peeps!

I'm still not back on LJ but here is a little update of everything:
- on Flickr, my 2016 Photo-a-day project is all uploaded!

- go to my wordpress place to see latest entries (alternatively, Tumblr).

- I'm also on twitter, I mainly use a private account, so please ask for the username if you want to follow.

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Peeps! I ain't dead yet but I've left LJ now that I can't get a "normal" update page if I use an ad-blocker and Ghostery.

You can find my posts on a WordPress blog now! It's not fully set up now but it's looking better and better!
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Oh, LJ, eff you! It's like you really want me to stop using you... the problem I've been having with the page where one writes a post is all because I have Ghostery on. Yeah, I'm not turning that off just to be able to make scheduled posts on LJ. I guess from now on, there will be two posts in the morning and we'll see what happens when I need to schedule a whole week of posts (like next week).

Edit: second thought, basically 80% of the LJ back-end is unusable if you an ad-blocker and Ghostery on, so I'm officially giving up on this place for this month. Please go to that place where the photos are bigger and stuff - here! - to see more of my adventures.
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The unsung hero of the whole adventure is definitely Bussi (it's what it says on his tag, so I named him that). He dutifully posed for ridiculous Instagram photos without ever complaining! What a marvellous travelling companion!

Edit: LJ's interface is being weird and not letting me schedule posts, so I guess you get today's 2 posts at once!

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Ah. This part of the trip taught me that there are idiots out there who not only do not know how their fog lights work but actually don't even bother turning on their main headlights in these conditions. Although the crown went to the idiot who was driving a super fancy sports car in front of me and, I think, got freaked out the moment he drove into the fog and... just stopped. In the middle of the road.

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I've switched from listening to music (with similar BPM) to listening to podcasts for some runs and so far so good. The music is only really necessary during runs where I have to concentrate on my speed and doesn't apply to long runs... and like this I can catch up on longer podcasts without having to break in the middle. I don't know why I didn't do this years ago, something scared me about not having the music there.

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I was at a dinner last night and I started talking to someone about my love for early-2000s kdramas and jpop and then we talked about holidays in Japan and South Korea. As it happened with many peeps before, she was very surprised to learn that I travel alone and really do enjoy going on holiday by myself - is it really that rare?

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It's that time of year again when I should start thinking about sending off this year's holiday cards off to the printer... I think the little flowers here will be on one of the cards.

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Posts during the next few day will be showing stuff from Joshua Tree National Park - I highly recommend it! I was a bit scared of heading there as it had been raining the day before and it was supposed to rain a tad that day, but the park ranger at the entrance told me that overcast days were actually perfect for hiking.

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Proof that Southern California isn't always sunny - sometimes it's overcast (and rainy) and a tad cold up in the mountains.

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Because I am a beautiful nerd who listens to 99% Invisible and saw that the Salton Sea on the map not too far (by US standards), I had to go. It was bleak, I was alone, there was this oppressing feeling of something just not being right - I would say it was the perfect Salton Sea atmosphere.

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When I was about to get out of Palm Springs, I overheard the most adorable conversation - a couple wanted to know where they could go visit the San Andreas fault. Apparently they thought that it was the Grand Canyon. It actually does make sense, in a way.

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I'm already tired of hearing of the French elections and all the petty squabbling everyone in every single party is getting into. Even the communists are in a fight with someone because they'd like to present a unified left (but not PS) candidate with the ecologists but some other party from the left doesn't want to. And this isn't the official election stuff, this is the "primaries"... since when do we have such public primaries? Must we always adopt the worst habits from other countries?

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I still had some work to finish on my holiday so I did a Target run for refuelling purposes. The Halloween stuff was already out and it made me so happy! And now you can get goldfish snacks in around 15 flavours - what a world we live in! (I must say that I went for a savoury flavour, although the vanilla cupcake flavour sound promising)

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