May 6 & 7

May. 31st, 2014 09:00 am
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See those peas? I didn't plant them but I tried my best keeping them alive with watering.

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Fezzes are cool. Especially if you can plant peas in them.

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Patience, patience.
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A mini family project has been in the works since a tad before Easter... and I still don't really know how to post it. I have this image in my head, and I'm not quite there recreating it online. So here is an outtake of sorts!

April 11

Apr. 29th, 2014 02:44 pm
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Little furry friends that aren't bunnies invading the garden. Well, not really "friends", I suppose. But they're still furry.

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My main contribution to the early stages of tomato planting (and let's be honest, gardening in general) was to turn this container every morning so that the tiny plants would grow straight. Obviously it will have no incidence on the how straight the plants will grow later because they get replanted into separate slightly bigger pots later and then into the garden even later on... but if even half of them come out decent, I will take credit for that gardening prowess. We all know one's influence early on can have great consequences later in life and who cares that plants are not people! Oh boy, I might have gone slightly mad.

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Just sit and wait.

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The life of many hardships, as you can see.
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You know what just caught my attention today? Here, on packets of prunes it says "dried plums". Maybe there is some obscure Finnish word for "prune" but it seems that "dried plum" is the main expression. Isn't that fascinating? I find these kinds of things absolutely wonderful, differences in language and all of that.

That said, I bet many people consider "prune", in its "dried plum" meaning, to be an obscure word in English. I will never understand why people don't like prunes, they're awesome! Then again, I love dried fruit in general. I don't like dried ginger though, but it's not really a fruit, is it?

Also, as a final note on prunes for today, on that package of prunes I have, there is a picture of plums on the front. Why put a picture of plums when you're selling prunes? I guess it's a bit like pictures of pigs on a pork product... it probably makes sense to the majority of the population but it doesn't compute in my brain.

Time to move on to July 22nd. As always, it's the weird photo that ended up being my favourite.

... oh, to have a decent-tasting tomato again! I guess those are only about seven or eight months away.

(HQer over here, for what it's worth)

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Further proof that my black thumb is the exception that proves the rule that everyone in the family is good at gardening...

... and while there are tomatoes and strawberries and corn and melons that grow in the south, I have managed to keep that one plant alive for a year now. *fist pump like a champ*

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I could complain right now about the horrible weather we had yesterday. It wasn't full on rain, it was just air full of tiny droplets that chill you to the bone. Droplets that are bigger than fog droplets. It was unnerving, running in that wasn't all that much fun.

That was me complaining, right there, wan't it? I am incorrigible! Anywho, sun, summer, south, fun "s" things... those can make up for any whining.

(All this and all the previously posted summer fun can be found in HQ as a slideshow over at the jux.)

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There are days when I feel like starting a post with "putain, les mecs!" I think it's a perfect way of expressing some kind of latent frustration linked to some other feeling I can't quite pinpoint. The thing is, I rarely, if ever at all, feel like starting a post with "dammit, guys!" or "fuck it, you guys!" There is some kind of crudeness in those expressions that I do associate with "putain, les mecs!"

On that random note, have a sequence of shots from the summer that somehow turned out rather well.

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But hey, let's remember the good old summer days!

There is just something about the south. Even seeing it in photos is always awesome. Or maybe it's because I know how awesome that garden is in real life.

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