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TdF in Marseille and now close to Saint-Girons

So... TdF today in the mountains. The problem is that they close off pretty much all the access roads at around 10am and we have to drive to Saint-Girons from Toulouse. We'll see how that goes. Worst case we'll just be there for the final, best case we'll be able to walk a bit away from there final kilometer. I wanted to go to one of the "col" but there is no easy way of doing it unless we left this morning at 5am, which we did not.

In any case, there is sun and we have enough stuff to make a picnic, life should be good. Also, still totally digging Arashiro and still think that Little Thomas L. is missing.
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I sometimes have weird thoughts. Like what is Mike Creed doing these days?

Also, I'm trying the "no shampoo" thing on my hair. It's not like I used to wash it with shampoo every day either, about twice a week.

Now back to article.
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Moment for cycling squee because I'm totally behind on that but [livejournal.com profile] tripthemighty passed on the link to this photo with Little Thomas L. and when I went to check out the rest of the gallery there are many things I've realised:
- Thomas L. is still at Columbia
- Thomas L. is still awesome
- Mark Renshaw joined up Columbia
- It's like the young FDJ reunited minus the other Aussies
- Mr. George is on that team too
- There is other cool people on that team

That makes me happy and makes me hate life for actually throwing other boring stuff at me so that I can't even properly follow cycling anymore.

That reminds me that I still want a freaken TdF lion, have to get together with a rider who actually manages to win at least one stage... and then I can steal his lion <3

And those are my thoughts at 7am, already at work but don't really feel like working. Only four days left before the holidays and so much to do, it's impressive.
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(pic from the offical TdF site, no pretty award-handing-out girls this year, v. upset)

Yes, it's time for me to fangirl because this little guy seriously needs more fangirls. Remember two years ago (no wait, it's been way more than that...) that he won his first senior race and finished second in the Camembert one? I still have the icon from that race. And after leaving FDJ and moving to Columbia (pun intended) he's got the white jersey. May the race be good to him, go Little Thomas L.!

Excuse me while I go back to my fangirling duties.
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Young rider classification

1 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Team Columbia 19.33.20

Why didn't anyone tell me this? I missed it completely! I have to rewatch the end of the stage now to see him getting his little trophy, yay!

But I really don't mind having missed it, had fun playing disc golf (I suck at it) and having good food in great company, what more could someone want?
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11 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Team Columbia


And that's just for today's TT. Overall he's 8th!

On a completely different note, this new ready made green tea that has started popping up in most stores is rather good. Must buy at least two liters next time. Fucking hell I'm getting lazy, a couple of years ago I would have bought the lemons and green tea and ice cubes to chill it, now I just buy the tetra pack and put it in the fridge!

But I quite like being lazy on days like today.
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The Tour de France starts today. So many people to cheer for and yet those are the people I cheer for all the time. Every year I tell myself there is no point in watching it anymore and every year I still have to read the start list, check out the stats, etc.

So this year I am going to be for:
- Stuey (CSC-Saxo Bank)
- Little Thomas L. (Columbia)
- Cookie (Barloworld)
- Mark Renshaw (Crédit Agricole)
- Cyril Dessel (AG2R La Mondiale)
- Nicolas Jalabert (Agritubel) *sniff* won't be able to hear his brother's commentary live
- Pierrick Fédrigo (Bouygues Telecom)
- Thomas Voeckler (Bouygues Telecom)
- Samuel Dumoulin (Cofidis)
- David Millar (Garmin Chipotle - H30)

And of course the whole of FDJ <3 (Sandy Casar, Sébastien Chavanel, Rémy Di Gregorio, Arnaud Gerard, Philippe Gilbert, Lilian Jégou, Yoann Le Boulanger, Jérémy Roy, Benoît Vaugrenard)

Obviously there are some others which will make me really happy if they win, as in all the French and Ukie kids, but the ones mentionned above have proved to be rather entertaining. Most of them are actually either ex-FDJ that I really liked or French guys who at one point did something completely crazy like keeping the yellow jersey for a couple of days.

I'm really excited right, woohoo! Alas this year, I won't be able to go see a stage, that's a real bummer right there. They're going to be right next to where my sister lives and it's going to be a Saturday so she'll have to go see them. She'll have to!

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