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So when you think about Finland, what do you imagine? Santa maybe. Walking on ice. People drinking and being sulky. F1 drivers. Saunas every single day.

I'll tell you what Finland is all about. Finland is about sausages and Lapin Kulta beer. Sometimes Koff or Karhu. But Lapin Kulta, or deer piss, is the real thing. It's really not far from being deer piss, not far at all. Sausages aka makkara are important too. You can have normal sausages or sausages with cheese inside or with tomato/moza or other things. On top you put sinappi aka mustard. Mustard which is really sweet and the hottest one is about as strong as moutarde de Dijon for babies. And of course, one cannot buy Turun sinappi because it's no longer made in Turku but rather in Poland (used to be in Sweden but moved again last year). Now you have to buy Auran sinappi, that's still made in Finland.

When you go on a trip somewhere abroad, you must bring sausages and proper beer with you, just in case they have weird food in the place where you're going.

Now if you'll excuse me, Easter is fast approaching and it's time to dig into Mämmi. Yes, it's shaped like a brick. Yes, you'll want to put tons of stuff on top to make it have real taste. Yes, some foreigners are always close to the toilet while eating mämmi. But it's part of these Finnish traditions that make life worth it, like Vappu and awkward social conversations. Or puking while not breaking your stride. One has to see it happen in front of them to really believe it.
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You know they say that when you move to Finland you become lactose intolerant? It's true for me. I fucking had two slices of cheese at lunch and for the god of me, my stomach is being annoying now... It's not the bad kind of horrible intolerance but it's still annoying having one's stomach always gurgling and feeling bloated for a couple of hours.
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Second thought maybe salty licorice isn't that good. I have a bag of candy where the licorice is salty, I've eaten all the "good" candy out of it and now there's just this problematic licorice left. I love licorice, I really, really, really love it but one cannot possibly eat more than one of those salty licorice candy. Really, it's just impossible.

Bleh. Definitely not a good idea.

In other news, I think I have a sunburn but I don't regret it at all. We spent the day at Kaitalampi, there was no one there, it was brilliant and the water wasn't that cold. No one was there at the start and only when we decided to leave did peope start showing up. It was, as I said, brilliant!
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Things I kind of hate about Finland: they have lots of yummy fruit related smoothies/shakes/yoghurts in 1 liter packs at the store. I always buy those because I'm too lazy to actually mastiquate food and I end up drinking/eating too much at once and then my tummy is completely full.

On the other hand I must be getting at least three times the vitamins I need yet not enough calories (10 calories per 100ml! sometimes as high as 25 calories but it's still nothing). Now I'm thinking about having some bread with butter. God, my dinners are really healthy these days but who cares.

Also another fun fact about Finns, almost all of them seem to love strawberries. They will buy them by the liter and they will not care where they're from and they will try to force feed me some of those strawberries from Spain or god-knows-where outside of Finland. Those strawberries taste like shit, they really do. You have to wait and pay three times to price to get proper local strawberries that smell and taste like proper ones you get at the local produce market in the south of France. But here, they don't care. Just tell them "they're selling strawberries over there" and most Finns will swim across oceans to get some. It's almost the same with shiny balloons but I happen to really like shiny balloons so I won't comment on those.
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First off, let's start with food. Nothing interesting this week, just some good old noodles that tasted like orange.

Seriously, I never eat noodles like everyone else, I eat the dry noodles as a snack (it's really good) except for a small amount which I eat as indicated on the package. I wish I had eaten everything without the flavouring, it really did taste of oranges more than of shrimps.

When they're not advertising alcohol on those flying posters, they're advertising tutu's. (lame, I know, shut up!)

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Now everyone can go back to their normal lives.
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Bless you Finland and your wacky weather. Yesterday, it wasn't only cold, it was also drizzling and it was windy like hell. Today the sun is shinning and the only sad thing is that it must be about 3 degrees instead of the 15 I would love to see.

In happier news, on Tuesday night at the restaurant we all agreed that Finns generally could not care less about food and for them it's more a way of staying alive than art. It's a shame. But then this lunch I looked at my potatoes and I thought "yope, yesterday I had rice, the day before potatoes and the list goes on". The worst part is that you have the choice between simple stripped and boiled potatoes as a whole or the same potatoes cut into quarters after being boiled and oiled up with some herbs. I suppose this explains why the "salad with eggs and chicken" option always runs out before I get to the cafeteria, damn you all with your strange eating habits, who eats at 11am anyway?

Tomorrow I shall make a way better food post, about viili! It's a kind of yogurt that everyone and their mother hates but I quite like it, someone yesterday said that it was slimy and gross... and in fact, if you try to stir it, it gets horribly slimy but very much edible. Actually if you get the lactose-free one, it's just like yogurt but a bit more bitter I suppose.

Anyway, thank god for the sunshine and now I'm off again, yay!
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Now more news from the food front and check out my mean photography skillz!

So, this is lactose-free unflavoured cheese spread. Well, that's the official name. I call it "soviet melted cheese" because that's what it tastes like. It's one of those things I remember from my childhood and it's not bad, it's everything that Vache Qui Rit will never be. If I had to describe the taste, I wouldn't be able to without mentioning that "melted cheese" from when I was 4. If I had to describe the texture, it's a bit like Societe Creme de Roquefort but more clingy. And of course as with every salty cheese spread around here, it packs more salt that everything else in my diet.

In other news, I have the best parents in the world, look at what I got in the mail at the start of the week:

A little adorable necklace from St. Paddy's day and loads of crossword puzzles. My mum takes the bus/metro every day so she brings home those free newspapers and when I used to come home on weekends, I would do the crossword puzzles. So she cut out the crossword puzzles and she sent them over. Honestly, do you know any other parents who would do that? <3

Other things that might need mentioning (aka extra pictures that did not fit in the 365 days project:
about three more pictures )

Also, Torchwood? Why? Why? In other words: Tosh/Owen OTP forever! And is it just me of Rhys is getting hotter and hotter.
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In response to [livejournal.com profile] niamh_x's post:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

The ESC is sacred for me, just like the Tour de France. Nothing could ever take away the joy of following it, not even the scadals, not even the cheating. Yes, the ESC is probably the worst thing... but it's so bad that it just becomes amazingly good. This icon represents my love for the ESC, everyone loves it but most people deny that love, I say "embrace it and enjoy it!" Of course, the icon was made with the ESC logo from when Ukieland won the competition.

Smiling Jaro, do I need to say more? This is from when he was one of the models for some kind of clothes and his face was some billboards in Monaco. Good times, good times. Yope, that icon is nothing more than eye candy.

I made this icon from one of the pictures from that race where little itsy bitsy Thomas L. came second and they gave him some flowers and a teddy bear and I just thought that was adorable. That's my third "awww..." picture, after the Baden Cooke one and the cat one.

This is my default icon that has been my default icon for about two or three years now mainly because it's the one that my sister squeed over when I made it. My sister and I have a thing about the lions at the Tour de France, whoever gets to see a stage has to take pictures of the lions in the caravane. The original picture is from when Thomas Voeckler got the yellow jersey for the first time in 2005 (or was it 2004?).

In other news, my new best friend is called "Ruispuikulat" which is the best thing ever. It's bread but made to look kind of like English muffins, but it has 10% fiber and it's mainly what my parents call "black bread". With butter, it's amazing! Yummy! Seriously, when I have to leave Finland, that's one thing I'll miss, the awesome bread... last week I found some with anise in it! Heck, sure in France there are baguettes and boulageries do make special bread but it's just not the same taste.
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Let's put all of our little Finnish heads together and let's think: where could I get some good old Pastis? (Ricard 51 or otherwise, doesn't matter as long as it's pastis)

Stockmann should have a collection of foreign alcohols, right? Why else would you have a "bring your favourite drink" party?

Or actually is there a Finnish equivalent of everyone's favourite anise-filled drink? (wiki link for those who have not had a chance to try some)
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Okie kiddoes! More about the food here. I have found the other day one of those things that's just really amazing: yogurt with nuts in it. Yeah, I know, not a big deal.

A yogurt with nuts in it that comes in a 400ml cup? Now that's what I call the best thing in the world. Ask my parents, I love nuts... a little too much perhaps too. And this is just fantastic.

The main problem is that half a cup must contain way too much sugar or it's the smoked turkey meat I had for lunch because I feel like shit right now. I've got a headache, I feel like puking and I have the chills. Damn, not a fun way to spend the afternoon. I was half planning on going to a concert that's on tonight in a church but seeing my state right now, I can forget about that.

Must be the meat because the last time I had some of that yogurt it went by just fine... except that after taking two spoon-fulls I had to go for a number 2 really fast. But that was kind of normal, I must be eating too much fiber because in the morning, I have to go to the bathroom right after I eat, it's like the new Weetabix are pushing on the old stuff.

Speaking of Weetabix, you know how they only used to have the large patty shaped Weetabix, then they went on to have the "bite size" Weetabix with chocolate in them and covered in sugar. Now at the store I saw some Oatbix made by the guys from Weetabix. It's like the same stuff only it costs twice as much and it's made out of oats. If you want oats in the morning, why not eat some oatmeal? But you know, I'm partial on this because Weetabix and oatmeal are two of my favourite comfort foods.

And now, after the breakfast of champions, champions' activities: running. I have one more thing to add to my "you know you've adjusted to Finland when..." list: this morning, it was really humid and they promised a drizzle but I still braved the cold (which was rather inexistent) and I went for a run and for once I thought wholeheartedly "I wish the group had frozen overnight!" It was all sloshy and you couldn't get a proper step without having water squirting from under your feet. And another funny thing, I can't wait til it gets just a tad warmer, I hate running in sports pants, it's horrible, I want my shorts!
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Just gotta say that I had a bit of shocker this morning, I got milk instead of yogurt to go with my cereal and here, at the cornershop, they only have pasteurized milk, no ultra-pasteurize and god, I don't know if I'll finish the carton. It's so fucking sweet and just heu... gross. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually but it's sweeter and there is a back taste to it that stays in your mouth.

*misses good old UHT milk* I'll have to go see if in the bigger shops they wouldn't have any, they must, they absolutely must!

Edit: I just found how brilliant this milk can be, I made some cacao drink, 1 spoon of 100% cacao powder in a cup of milk, nicely stirred... and since the milk is sweet(er), it's the most exquisite thing ever. Now I have to stop myself from making myself lots more of this drink (but you'll tell me, there is nothing wrong with having lots of this, no processed sugar at all, good proteins, no fat, those happy making thing in the cacao, this is perfect! Hooray to discovering stuff!)

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